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Sadly, I was unable to attend either of the two recent public promotions of this book during the Dunedin Writers Readers Festival so had to make do with reading the book. Having read the book, it was probably for the best that we didn’t meet. Davis very quickly (p.5) establishes his orthodox opinions when he heaps scorn on ‘conspiracy theorists’: the old canard that those who question the official version of events (OVOE) of 9/11 obviously believe that the moon landings were faked. If only life were so simple: is it not possible to doubt 9/11 whilst believing in the moon landings? Davis explains throughout his book his lifelong struggles with government lies and all-pervading secrecy, yet somehow loses all that skepticism in the biggest untold story of our times. There are clearly some events whose OVOE are “too big to fail”, and where Upton Sinclair’s caveat applies: “It is hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding.” But why should Davis be any better than any other member of the Mainstream Media (MSM)? I suppose it is the fact that he has just written a book based on his life’s work and his self-proclamation as Champion of the Truth – more on a par with Juan Guaido’s non-election to the Presidency of Venezuela – that needles me somewhat.

I shall return in detail (as Davis does) to the events of 9/11. Meantime, the book meanders through some very interesting stories and the undoubted dangers and difficulties of Investigative Journalism. Davis has a story to tell but confining the narrative to his story, allows him to completely bypass the biggest stories of our times which go to the very essence of his subject. There is no mention whatsoever of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, etc. We do learn that elephants can be dangerous, which is perhaps why those in the room are best ignored. And then there is everyone’s favorite villain, Count Vladimir Putin. At one point (p.115) Davis wrote: “It is now well established that Russia tried to influence the 2016 US Presidential election…”. This is a concept worth examining: how does one ‘influence” an election, and what difference might it make whether Trump or HRC were President? Firstly, if true, it indicates that Putin has the naïve belief that US Presidents are somehow in charge, rather than Wall Street/Military Industrial Complex/CIA/AIPAC/neocons. (At this point, I have to make a confession: I have been persuading all my American friends to consider Tulsi Gabbard for President so that means that yours truly is guilty of trying to interfere in the US Elections.)

Finally, we return to 9/11 to knock down two or three towers in Davis arguments. Davis has it in for something called “the left” which purveys truth distortions and lies in cyberspace (p.231). He writes: “Few major stories have been surrounded by as much nonsense as the 9/11 attack…”. His simple dictum for getting to the truth is that an inside job could not be kept secret because thousands would be involved. Local philosopher Charles Pigden quoted Hannah Arendt’s initial inability to believe rumors of the Nazis’ “Final Solution” – how could so many keep such a secret for all those years? History is littered with conspiracies because when people are up to no good, they tend to keep quiet about it. (N.B. Cassandra and Laocoon were patently Conspiracists and overt anti-Hellenics to boot!). Detectives, judges and indeed Investigative Journalists every day theorize about who might have said what to whom. Do governments lie? Did Tony Blair and GWB conspire about invading Iraq and produce dodgy dossiers to dupe the less skeptical and license MSM lust for war? How many innocents died (and continue to die) as a result of these same lies, aided and abetted by the MSM?

Davis then attacks Michael Moore – “a hero of the left” – for his outrageous claims in his film “Fahrenheit 9/11”: Moore implied that GWB had approved a special flight for the bin Laden family which prevented their being questioned. Yet on p.233, Davis then confirms Moore’s claim: he writes: “It was, in fact, more convenient to charter a flight – allowing all the bin Ladens to be questioned in one place…”. Doh! Moore is accused of “sophisticated propaganda”: that is quite an accusation to level at a fellow scribbler, but one wonders for whom might Moore be a Propagandist? But the final implosion occurs on p.232 when Davis gives all credit to the “independent 9/11 commission”. The 9/11 Commission could never be termed “independent” when it was run by White House insider (confidante of Condi Rice), Philip Zelikow. Zelikow is an academic whose thesis was entitled “The creation and Maintenance of Public myths” and he has toiled in the JFK Archives. When the “Jersey Girls” (widows of first-responders) campaigned for a public inquiry into 9/11, they were resisted by Bush & Cheney, and then were sent to see Honest Old Henry Kissinger, whom they quickly rejected. The 9/11 Commission has about as much integrity as the Warren Commission to investigate the JFK Assassination: it was micro-managed by the disgraced CIA director Allen Dulles whom JFK had sacked for his treachery over the Bay of Pigs. Honest Old Allen Dulles. “Foxes guarding henhouses”? Davis somehow missed the (somewhat important) point that 9/11 Commission Chairmen, Hamilton, and Keen, wrote “Without Precedent” complaining that the Commission had been “set up to fail”.

As a historian, one soon learns that when a government is tasked with investigating its own malfeasance, the truth will crumple into its own footprint e.g. there have been ten Official Inquiries into the “Surprise Attack” on Pearl Harbor, but the mythical day of infamy pertains. The facts that the isolationist US Public were persuaded overnight to clamor for war was just a fortuitous consequence.

Davis bemoans the fact that too many of us are distracted by these “mutually contradictory” theories: governments deliberately sow contradictions to create confusion and is a deliberate tactic of divide and rule. Davis makes no mention of UK Government-funded “Integrity Initiative”, nor of the late Udo Ulfkotte’s book “Journalists for Hire” (available on Amazon for $700) which shows the CIA disinformation campaign throughout Europe. Only Vladimir Putin’s Russia does disinformation (p.235) apparently. Davis wishes for us to be more discerning and to take responsibility for the information we share. Thankfully, because of all the omissions, it is a slim volume: I couldn’t stomach any more of this sanctimonious hypocrisy.

BY Hugh O’Neill/AmericanHeraldTribune

Posted by The NON-Conformist