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Just one month in to his administration, President Donald Trump sent a clear message to socialist authoritarian dictatorships in Latin America by imposing sanctions against the right hand man of Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Mark Feierstein, who served as President Barack Obama’s top national security adviser on Latin America, praised the Trump Administration’s action as “an overdue step to ratchet up pressure on the Venezuelan regime and signal that top officials will suffer consequences if they continue to engage in massive corruption, abuse human rights and [the dismantling of] democracy.”

Unlike the previous administration, Trump signaled he would hold accountable corrupt and criminal regimes in Latin America that strangle their people’s aspirations for democracy and self-determination, undermine the rule of law, and engage in systemic and egregious human rights abuses.

As Venezuela’s situation deteriorated in 2014, the previous administration took a decidedly different approach as it vehemently opposed the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014. The bipartisan bill, which I co-authored, sought to impose financial sanctions and visa bans against Maduro regime officials responsible for lethal violence and human rights abuses used to suppress the anti-government protests that had begun earlier that year.

The Obama administration fought that bipartisan effort, deploying then-Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson to lobby Congress against the bill. Jacobson falsely claimed to Senators that members of the Venezuelan opposition group, Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), wanted the United States to hold off on sanctions. Maduro even praised her remarks as a “leap toward good sense.”

But after MUD opposition members rebuked Jacobson’s false claims, the State Department was forced to issue a correction, noting: “We wish to clarify that the opposition has not specifically suggested we refrain from sanctions against individuals,” and adding that “some members of the opposition have encouraged it.”

While that bill ultimately became law, the Obama administration simply doubled down on concessionary dialogue and diplomacy with Maduro. As Lilian Tintori, the wife of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López, would later say, career bureaucrats in Obama’s State Department “ended up promoting a dialogue that did not work.”

A peaceful restoration of democratic order in Venezuela cannot happen if U.S. officials, such as those in the last administration, actively misrepresent the wishes of members of the opposition. Even Feierstein, the former Obama advisor, acknowledged a democratic transition “will require the Venezuelan opposition to remobilize its followers and U.S. diplomatic efforts to marshal governments in the region to isolate Maduro.”

For whatever reason, the Obama administration never sought to isolate Maduro and fully support the Venezuelan opposition. With 3.4 million Venezuelans in exile, unchecked inflation, and widespread starvation, it is clear the Obama-era policy resulted in catastrophic failure in Latin America. It begs the question why Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, is now criticizing the Trump administration’s policy, which built an international coalition of over 50 nations that recognize Interim President Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate leader.

The Obama-Biden administration had many years to prevent the humanitarian crisis and security threat from spiraling out of control in Venezuela, but it did not. In fact, the previous administration exacerbated the serious problems on the ground by ignoring the destabilizing role that foes like Cuba, Russia, Hezbollah, the ELN, and the FARC are playing in the region.

Shortly after the Trump administration imposed sanctions on Tareck El Aissami in 2017, the Washington Post’s editorial board noted that Maduro had been “hiding behind appeals for ‘dialogue’ with the democratic opposition.” Because President Trump and his team were not content with the failed status quo they inherited, Maduro can hide no longer. As they continue to reverse the Obama administration’s failed Venezuela policy, we must remain vigilant. Indeed, despots in our hemisphere and across the globe are eager for a new administration in America and a return of false dialogue.

By Marco Rubio/MiamiHerald
Posted by The non-Conformist