Start with the obvious. As political theater, the Democrats’ decision to put former Special Counsel Robert Mueller under oath was a catastrophe.


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The Democrats believed a televised hearing would give the legalistic Mueller report a PR kick. It was said people weren’t “reading the book,” but they might “watch the movie.”

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said he hoped the Mueller movie “won’t end up being a dud.” House Intelligence chief Adam Schiff added, “We want to bring Robert Mueller to life.”

They didn’t. Robert Mueller was lost from the start, unable to recall basic details, like what Fusion GPS is (he said he isn’t “familiar” with the political oppo firm), or the meaning of “collusion” versus “conspiracy,” or the identity of the president who first appointed him acting U.S. Attorney (“I think that was President Bush,” he sighed, before being told it was Reagan).

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