Artificial Intelligence is rapidly revolutionizing so many industries at such an alarming rate that one such advanced AI robot, Sophia, joined the panel and was pitched questions during the United Nations’s convention on sustainable development. Artificial intelligence is producing multiple solutions for hiring managers including basic recruiting tools, intermediate applications and advanced AI solutions. Together or independently, these tools are creating a more effective way for human resources to predict a candidate’s future success with their company.

Basic Artificial Intelligence Recruiting Tools

Basic artificial intelligence programs that can help recruiters with the sourcing and screening processes include screening chatbots and automated social media scraping tools. These tools are designed to provide weak or average indicators about an applicant’s likelihood of success with the company. Mya, an AI recruiting assistant created by FirstJob, is one such chatbot that interacts with applicants to verify they meet job requirements, answer questions and keep them informed on their application’s status, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. This bot provides 24/7 support through chat, text message, Skype or e-mail, and will contact a human when it can’t complete a task.

Social media scraping tools are another type of artificial intelligence recruiting tool. These bots can collect vast amounts of data through an applicant’s social media profiles and use this data to predict certain behaviors like future engagement levels.

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