The Democratic Party Has a Race Problem in the 2020 Election

Harris’ appeals to the “Obama Coalition” and diversity were nothing but attempts to win over the Black vote while remaining loyal to the oligarchs.

“Diversity does nothing to fundamentally change the white supremacist character of the Democratic Party.”

Kamala Harris’ departure from the 2020 election drew cheers from many on the left who had associated the California senator with the most heinous policies of the mass Black incarceration state. Others close to Harris’ campaign, including Harris herself, attributed her lack of financial and political success in the 2020 primary race to the United States not being ready for a Black woman as president . Forgotten was the fact that Harris’ campaign was stocked full of billionaire  donors in the earliest stages of the election. Kamala Harris was at one time the darling of the elite and an odds-on favorite to win the hearts and minds of Black American voters. Her fall from grace is a sign that the Democratic Party has a far graver race problem than what her failed campaign has let on.

The Democratic Party’s race problem is not a matter of whether voters in the most racist nation in human history were ready for a Black woman in the Oval Office. Black American voters were very much ready for a Black president in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected in one of the most successful electoral campaigns in Democratic Party history. Obama’s election, however, did not make the Democratic Party any less of a white supremacist or imperialist organ of the ruling class. In fact, Obama used his two terms to publicly shame Black Americans as culturally inferior  to white Americans whenever he got the chance. Furthermore, unlike Harris, Obama used his immense talent to manipulate attacks from the white supremacist political right to the ruling class’ political advantage. Obama peddled a narrative of compromise and bipartisanship that deflected blame away from his administration for the massive transfer of wealth to the one percent and the facilitation of harsh austerity and militarized policing measures that made life demonstrably worse for Black America.(Danny Haiphong)

Posted by The non-conformist