Bongekile MsibiImage copyrightBONGEKILE MSIBI
Image captionBongekile Msibi desperately wants another child

A woman in South Africa has told the BBC how she was sterilised without her consent after she gave birth at the age of 17, and only learned about it 11 years later when she tried to have another child.

Bongekile Msibi was among 48 women sterilised without consent at state hospitals, the Commission for Gender Equality found.

Despite being a statutory body, the commission said its inquiry was hampered by the “disappearance” of patients’ files, and its investigators had received a “hostile reception” from hospital staff.

The commission said its investigators visited 15 hospitals after civil rights groups brought the cases, some dating back to 2001, to its attention.

South Africa’s health department has not yet given a detailed response to the report, but said its minister, Zweli Mkhize, had requested a meeting with the commission to discuss it.

Ms Msibi recalled her ordeal to the BBC’s Clare Spencer:(BBCNews)

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