Photograph Source: Barack Obama’s speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention – Fair Use

Record-Setting Absurdity and Mendacity

The malignant fascist sociopath Donald Trump lies so voluminously and absurdly that many Americans will believe he said or Tweeted almost anything, no matter how offensive and ridiculous. Every few months for the last three years I’ve been making up off-the-wall Trump statements and sending them out on so-called social media to see if people will take them as genuine. Many readers do indeed see them as bona fide Trump comments. Here’ a recent example, a spoof I put up on Mindfuck three days ago:

“Trump is tweeting that Joe Biden ‘faked the death of Beau Biden for sympathy’ and that Beau is ‘alive and working with the Chinese to spread a new coronavirus through the radical Left Marxist organization Black Lives Antifa.’ Trump says ‘the Bull Durham Report will show the not-dead Chinese agent Beau Obiden to have been behind the Beirut explosion and the anarchist craziness in the Russian state of Belarus.’ Trump suggested also that Jill Biden was involved in 9/11, ‘had an affair with John Lewis,’ and has been ‘paying bounties to Mexican murderers for every border agent they kill.’”

Numerous folks believed that Trump wrote what I made up. Who can blame them? Trump says and Tweets stuff nearly as ridiculous as this on a regular basis. He misstates reality 16 times a day. He says and Tweets that COVID-19 will magically disappear, that Joe Biden is a tool of “the Radical Left,” that “socialist” Kamala Harris can’t legally be Vice President, that the world looks to the United States as the leader in the struggle with the coronavirus, that a “beautiful wall” is being built on the southern border (and paid for by Mexico), that children don’t get COVID-19, and…the examples are endless.

But here’s the thing about Trump’s epic mendacity: it’s transparent to most serious adults. Almost everyone knows that Trump lies and says crazy stuff. He’s the all-time Dear Leader of two plus two equals five. If Trump ever says that two plus two equals four, people check the multiplication tables to make sure it’s true.(Paul Street)

Posted by The non-Conformist