About the Files

Lovers of ALL types of information, that’s us and we have lots of it here on everything from politics to culture to what “they” might be putting in the food you are eating while they concurrently spy on you. Hey….we don’t make the news we just report it.
We want to bring to you, perhaps, an independent perspective on an issue that you may not have entertained. I(Libergirl) am a knee-jerk liberal(oops my knee just hit the table) and my partner, The NON-Conformist is just that he rarely conforms to one side or the other. He calls himself an independent, a moderate. I chuckle and say pick a side! But seriously though he brings to the table the sensibility that I often want to overlook in my impassioned defense of most things liberal.
We use to feed ourselves a steady diet of MSNBC but when we cut the cable cord we increasingly absorb the local news and feel more informed for it.  We, of course, still keep up with world events and such via the Internets.
 Drop the Files a line, we’d like to know what you are thinking.
Libergirl and The NON-Conformist

8 thoughts on “About the Files

  1. If we pick a side, aren’t we suggesting that we think that side is right? What if we think both sides (are there only 2?) wrong? 😉

  2. In this day and age, I have to point out that you could be anybody: alt-right trolls, a honeypot run by neo-facists, bait for clicks and cash. Or you could be nobody at all, just a bot pretending.

    Who are you, really? What are your names? Who has employed you in the past? Where does your funding come from?

    Why should anyone trust or believe you about anything?

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