Social Security and Medicare Are Alive. Paul Ryan is (Politically) Dead.

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In a victory for everyone but Wall Street billionaires, Paul Ryan resigns without attaining his long-held fantasy of destroying Social Security.

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Speaker Ryan dispatched a security team to block delivery of a massive PP petition

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In their first week back on the job, House Speaker Paul Ryan and his non-uterus-having Republican congressmen have announced an extremist effort to defund Planned Parenthood, a healthcare provider used by 1 in 5 American women in their lifetime:

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced last week that Republicans will move to strip all federal funding for Planned Parenthood as part of the process they are using early this year to dismantle Obamacare.

Image: Planned Parenthood via Twitter

Planned Parenthood volunteers lined up  at Speaker Ryan’s office to deliver the signatures of 87,000 men and women who stand with Planned Parenthood. Instead of accepting the petition delivery and moving on with his day, Paul Ryan instead dispatched a team of security. Although he had been greeting other constituents, his office was suddenly closed for business.

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Don’t be fooled: The GOP’s rejection of Trump is about political expediency, not morality

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Over this past weekend, a spate of Republican party leaders denounced Donald Trump following the release of his now infamous Access Hollywood recording. The public exodus has left plenty of Trump opponents wondering: “Why now?” What made these comments the last straw for the GOP establishment? After all, the Republican presidential candidate has had plenty of other scandals, from Trump’s racist comments about federal district court judge Gonzalo Curiel and theKhan family to his sexist smearing of Alicia Machado to the revelations about his federal income taxes, the fraud allegations against Trump University and his public suggestion that Russia ought to spy on his political enemy. Republican senator John McCain even endorsed Trump after the candidate said he wasn’t a real war hero, but it was Access Hollywood that convinced him to unendorse?

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Democrats end 25-hour House floor protest over guns

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Weary but jubilant House Democrats ended their extraordinary sit-in on the chamber’s floor Thursday more than 24 hours after it began, a protest that let them broadcast their demands around the world for gun-control votes in the wake of the mass shooting at a Florida nightclub.

There were no indications that Republicans who run the House had granted Democrats’ insistence for votes on bills strengthening background checks and barring firearms sales to people on the government’s no-fly list.

Even so, 25½ hours after they commandeered the chamber and blasted images of themselves on social media, Democrats filed out and declared victory.

“We are going to win this struggle,” said Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., the civil rights icon who helped lead the sit-in.

Image: Rep. John Yarmuth via AP

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The Best Tweets About Paul Ryan’s Pouty Face at SOTU

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I can think of a few words here…zombie-eyed, sour puss, LOSER!  Bring back John Boner…at least he clapped and appeared alive!



Last night, President Barack Obama gave his final State of the Union address. It was at times moving, at times funny, and always as charismatic as we have come to expect from our Commander in Chief over the last seven years, for better or for worse. Whether it was funny or sad, however, could not be determined by glancing over Obama’s left shoulder at Speaker Paul Ryan. He sat impassively without clapping almost the entire time and people noticed. Oh, people noticed.


Image: Mediate

Comments and quips came in from all the usual suspects, but as people do in 2016, comedians, celebrities, and cable subscribers across the country took to Twitter to mock the representative and call out his seeming lack of patriotism.

Some people were worried!

paul ryan, are you being held against your will? blink twice if you’re okay. stare straight forward and do nothing if you need rescuing.

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DO NOTHING Republicans say no to new gun control legislation after San Bernardino

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Republicans in Congress made it clear yesterday that they will not be moving quickly to bring up new gun control legislation in the wake of Wednesday’s shootings in San Bernardino, Calif.



Image: AP

Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday there are still too many unknowns about the San Bernardino shootings, but he said one common theme among many mass shootings is mental illness, an issue he says Congress has already been working on with legislation.

“People with mental illness are getting guns and committing these mass shootings,” Ryan said on CBS This Morning. Ryan made the same point earlier this week in reaction to the post-Thanksgiving shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic.

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Posted by Libergirl…Now they f’ing want to focus on mental health…they are useless…..arghhhhh!!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen… Cultural and Poverty Expert Paul Ryan*!*^%

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Paul Ryan cites ‘white nationalist’ to blame poverty on lazy men in ‘inner cities’ (via Raw Story )

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on Wednesday suggested that men in “inner cities” who refused to work were one of the main causes of poverty in the United States. In an interview with conservative radio host Bill Bennett that was first noticed by Igor Volsky at Think Progress, Ryan reflected on his controversial poverty discussion at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

“We call it a poverty trap,” he explained. “There are incentives not to work, and to stay where you are.”

Ryan also pointed to the work of Charles Murray, a white nationalist, who has used “racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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