I can think of a few words here…zombie-eyed, sour puss, LOSER!  Bring back John Boner…at least he clapped and appeared alive!



Last night, President Barack Obama gave his final State of the Union address. It was at times moving, at times funny, and always as charismatic as we have come to expect from our Commander in Chief over the last seven years, for better or for worse. Whether it was funny or sad, however, could not be determined by glancing over Obama’s left shoulder at Speaker Paul Ryan. He sat impassively without clapping almost the entire time and people noticed. Oh, people noticed.

Image: Mediate

Comments and quips came in from all the usual suspects, but as people do in 2016, comedians, celebrities, and cable subscribers across the country took to Twitter to mock the representative and call out his seeming lack of patriotism.

Some people were worried!

paul ryan, are you being held against your will? blink twice if you’re okay. stare straight forward and do nothing if you need rescuing.

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