While this repeal is a victory of sorts, I still don’t believe that President Obama really wanted to be involved in this ruling, especially when it was toiling in obscurity. At least he had to stand half-heartedly by his decision and this past Wednesday he signed it into law. We now get a chance to really see how this is going to effect morale on the battlefield.

I’ve had this conversation about DADT with my buddy Vince who runs Razor Sharp, a hair tailoring business that offers excellent hair cuts as well as interesting talks. He is currently a guard in the Marines and has served several tour of duties in these propaganda induced wars. I like talking to him, firstly, because he has a dog in the fight. He strongly disagrees with the repealing of DADT. His reasons or logic, I may not completely agree with, but the Marine Corps has always been upfront about this issue. Listen when they call in to talk radio shows, it’s never favorable. Vince believes DADT should remain. While I disagree, my reasons are different.

Before I continue, allow me to eat crow. I said the issue would never see the light of day but a new day has arrived and DADT has been repealed.  To not sound like a complete hypocrite I have to say this; while I didn’t  agree(completely) with the repeal, it was necessary.

DADT was unconstitutional as well as unfair. If you had a certain disagreement or simply suspected someone they would immediately be kicked out of the service no questions asked.

Problems do lurk at the very core of this bill. We have to look at intelligent reasoning. I have three issues that I believe are going to prove to be problematic.

1. Is this a way for the outgoing party in control to stick it in the face of the incoming party?

2. Will this effect how Chaplin’s openly speak about what the Bible teaches?  Gays can call this hate speech.

3. Will military policies be changed to accommodate gays, such as marriage?

I know I mentioned only three but the last remark has to do with tea parties. My argument is how they try to come off like constitutionalists but they only care about their personal beliefs and not the upholding of the constitutional universally. Even against judge’s rulings the DADT practice was unconstitutional.

Lastly to lighten the mood. I have to laugh at the notion of a tea party, these people don’t look like much fun to me.

John Jones

The NON-Conformist