Let’s propose a question, what if Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) (who believes in gun rights and owns a Glock Pistol) had been carrying her weapon on the day of the Tucson tragedy? Remember Arizona is the gun capitol of the world!  I’m raising this point because two members of Congress Rep. Jason Chiffetz (R-UT) and Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) say they will now start carrying their pistols for protection. Let’s say on the day in question she’d had a gun, what do you think the outcome would have been? The same! She was caught unawares and shot at point-blank range. What  if she had worn her weapon openly and outwardly to her “Congress on Your Corner” event?  It could have been a deterrent though this scenario is less plausible.  She still would not have known the intent of any of the members of the crowd. It could  easily have been the same result.

The events that took place were unfortunate but we can’t rush to rash decisions. I understand that this is how we do business. Let’s take the Brady Bill for instance. James Brady, who was the assistant to then President Reagan was shot in 1981 during an attempt on the President’s life. He was disabled for life and became an ardent spokesperson for gun control. We don’t need more gun control we must first make sure the checks and balances are being practiced and followed in the laws we already have.

Jared Lee Loughner seemed to have met the requirements to obtain a weapon. Stricter gun control isn’t going to change that; it will only make it worse. We all believe or should believe that guns are a person’s right but that’s not the real issue, the real issue is guns on the streets. The percentage is pretty low for responsible people who use their weapons other than for their intended purpose.

The question that keeps being asked, was Jared influenced by radio, or something else? The answer: who knows! Only time will tell. He was a loner. I’m not going so as far to say he was crazy. People rushed to say things about his personality instead waiting for the evaluations or better yet, what he has to say. I can say he was boring by reading his writings. They were weird not disturbing. He has a belief but it isn’t easily understood. One joke was he had watched Inception one too many times.

It’s amazing that all this about Loughner is coming out; his rants, outbursts, political leanings, disturbing behavior and even his meeting with the congresswoman. People say, well, what about the warning signs? Fine, if those signs present themselves, what does one do? You can’t commit someone without their permission if they don’t want help. Laws are so stringent it’s difficult to impossible to have a person committed.

The Blame Game: A Sidebar to Sarah Palin and a Few Others

Stop with the quotes of Reagan, he was an actor who acted like a President. He was for “Big Government”, look at how it grew under him. He was about the “Military Industrial Complex” and “Big Business”. Wasn’t he a Communist? After he left office he was a non-factor, you didn’t hear anything about the guy unless they used him for a prop. Enter creepy Sara with the creepy Facebook speech. Who does your public relations because what you said was miserable failure. You could have been a healer but you took the opportunity to point fingers.

No one blamed you for the shooting because you had a map with gun sights over congressional districts. What some are pointing to is the language that came out of your mouth. Look at what Congresswoman Giffords said about the gun sights. Sure, people are responsible for their actions and no one can make you do anything against your will but people can influence you. I love how the “Right” loves to make mention about being Christians. I have an idea, if you do attend a church, try attending one that actually preaches what the “Word/Bible” teaches. Scriptures have a lot to say about the word and the tongue.

God spoke the world into existence (call those things that be not as though they were) and life and death are in the power of the tongue. Read the Book of James, this goes to the “pig-man” Rush and the “televangelist” Glenn Beck. If a person accuses you of the incident you have every right to defend yourself. You are entertainers, you’ve said it enough but your words  do move people to vote as well as purchase items that you push. If your words don’t influence, quit radio today. You make millions for what you say so stop being so sensitive. People are motivated by words not silence so stop acting like the poster children for hurt feelings. You’re NOT the victim, the victims are the ones who were shot and killed. Take responsiblity for your words. Everyone is influenced, Jared surely was. His writings were poor and incoherent but there was a message in there somewhere. He read works with “Right” leanings as well as “Left leanings. He spoke of gold standards, meaning of words, conscious dreaming, and listened to racist groups.

People are motivated by rhetoric, it sells. Elections are often won by using it, it’s part of the landscape. Poo-poo on the Fairness Doctrine, I believe in the free market, if we had one. Today it’s about being the biggest the baddest so save the American exceptionalism crap. Radio is fine, television is  fine too; just boring.

John Jones

The NON-Conformist