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What is Planned Parenthood? It is a federally funded organization that helps poor people with no other alternatives to receive reproductive care. It offers, birth control, pregnancy testing, abortions, pre-natal care, breast and cervical cancer screenings, infertility treatment, and STD testing. None of the federal dollars they receive go toward abortions. So why did  the bill, H.R.1,  which will strip funding of it pass the House 240-185? Planned Parenthood also offers Title X, a program that provides low-income families with aid toward family planning and reproductive health. So why are they under attack? Planned Parenthood cuts are part of a larger goal of reducing the deficit.

Multiple studies show it will cost the government more because woman will develop serious illnesses, or have problematic pregnancies and they’ll end up on medicaid says Rep. Peter Defazio (D- Oregon) “It’s very, very short-sighted.” For the third time, I ask, why the attack on this program? It  does offer abortions and secondly it will marginalize women.

In dealing with abortion it’s difficult, you have to cover it from all angles. It’s unfair to say you disagree with an issue without saying why you disagree with an issue.  Using words like “departmental “or “fiscal reasons” or “the big picture” doesn’t really explain why you disagree. Planned Parenthood and abortion is a difficult issue altogether. You have several camps arguring: the moral crowd vs. the immoral crowd, the pro-choice vs. the pro-life crowd, the religious right vs. everyone else.

Abortion is, well, an emotional issue. So much so that abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was murdered in Kansas City. After his murder a female doctor who shall remain nameless took over for him. She eventually stopped after receiving death threats, once she received a letter telling her she was being watched. They knew her family, friends, as well her every movement. With so much to deal with she eventually opted out. What bothers me about the story is where were the ministers to speak about this. I believe most ministers to be hypocrites, my opinion. They were given hush money by the Bush administration to be quiet especially within the black churches. How can you sit idly by and let a human being die because he performed a procedure you may disagree with. Don’t give me that it’s God’s will for it to happen.

I’ve known many abortion proponents, they were loving and compassionate. They lined the walk ways and passed out pamphlets and prayed. What if idiots whom disagree with your stance against abortion shot down protesters? Would you then say the devil had a hand in this or simply say it was God’s will?

This issue is always going to be hotly debated. While I’m personally opposed to abortion, many things are at play. First, the “Right” decries governmental interference in their lives, yet they want government in their lives pertaining to this issue. Secondly, this is a personal issue, not necessarily a religious one. Some people don’t believe what you or I believe, with that said we place our personal convictions on people. Everyone doesn’t believe in having a personal relationship, that allows God’s word to lead. Thirdly, I believe in personal responsibility, yet when schools teach about how to take responsiblity they protest “get government out” while your child goes to a government school. I believe it’s the parents right to teach their kids, I still think schools play and important role as well. Forth, no matter how disgusting we believe abortion to be, we must allow safeguards to remain in place and have professionals that  are readily available. We cannot lax back into unsafe alternatives.

Lastly, as I’ve said before. We can’t have our cake and eat it too. If we want big government out of our lives we must allow people to be free, to make mistakes. Statements like rebellion against the law of God doesn’t apply to those who don’t believe as we do. This doesn’t simply come down to whom we elect thought the “Right’ would like to think so. Do I vote for someone who opposes abortion but is a war criminal? The answer should be obvious. I’ve been a part of churches that say don’t vote for your pocket books, vote for your morals. I once heard Minister Johh Hagee say “I am personally opposed to slavery, but cannot impose my view on others,” only an agent of Satan can make that statement, what a liar and to think I used to respect him. He speaks passionately about abortion and American exceptionalism yet he supports dictators, big war and the decline of America. It’s easy for us to sit by and tell other people what or what not to do, while we go back to the comforts of our confines leaving every thing in someone else’s hands. We need to have better foresight and actually care for folk  rather than simply giving lip service.

John Jones

The NON-Conformist