Recently I was listening to the Herman Cain program and he was speaking about the oil crisis. As I listened(without feeling sick) he was actually making sense, not the same talking points as other right-wing programs. He then mentioned  his possible run for the presidency and THIS was my introduction to the world of Herman Cain.

Over the weeks of listening to his program, I’ve pondered his decision to run and a scene from Rocky IV comes to mind. The scene when Rocky decides to fight Ivan Drago to avenge the death of his buddy Apollo Creed, Adrian responds with “You Can’t Win.”

Her words ring more true than you think. Herman, you can’t win! What bothers me and I’m sure others feel the same way is why do people run for the presidency with no political experience  e.g., Congress, mayor, governor, etc?

As I dug a little deeper into his life I found out he did run for public office and received a serious beating from Johnny Isaks.  Another thing that bothers me, and the reason I’m even chiming in, is when blacks run for elected office why do they have to sound the same or become even more obnoxious than their white counterparts? Look at what the President is going through and he happens to be black! Look even further at how Ron Paul or even Ralph Nader are treated.

Cain don’t be their poster boy, even though I think you are smarter than they are, they don’t want you. You’re only going to damage yourself as well as your image. Continue to talk( people will listen) or run for local office, then place your bid in with the big boys and girls, even though you still can’t win!

John Jones

The NON-Conformist