Torture is a dicey issue is it not?  I am coming back to this seemingly recurring issue because I’m sure you’ve seen something in the news about a little old terrorist being shot. What brings this issue up all over again is the slight the Bush administration feels about Osama bin Laden. Hurt feeling aside they believe the information they gathered was the sole reason for Obama’s, wait, Bush’s capture of the most hated known terrorist. How was this information obtained? I call it torture; they call it enhanced interrogation techniques.

Let’s not act as if we are shocked by such behavior. Torture has been done all throughout the ages. Let’s take a look at two examples. First let’s deal with the inquisition especially witch hunts. One torture method used was to bind the feet of a woman with a long chain and throw her into a body of water. If she remained on the bottom she was a witch if she floated to the top she was innocent, yet she was met with death. Perverted priests of the second century viewed women as dirty, inferior, God’s only mistake. Men attacked women’s breast as well as putting hot irons in their vaginas. Even children were not spared. They were tortured as young as nine for their testimony against the families. Children as young as two were also tortured.

Another example that isn’t that far off, slavery.  It was one of the worst events to ever occur in history. Men used their influence and false doctrine to rule a race for economic gain. One way to instill fear into male slaves was to have a hole dug and put into it their pregnant wives up to their stomachs. As the man watched with one swipe of a machete they would slice the woman’s stomach open. Another technique was to have a man tied to a banana tree while his mate or wife watched close by. While his limbs are tied several men would cut the ropes with the force of the trees (which are strong yet flexible) pulling the man apart, limb from limb.

To say America isn’t violent is an understatement. The country was born from violence and torture was always at the forefront.

Another argument that arises is was the capture of Osama bin Laden due to torture or was it due to superior intel?  I’m still wondering about the torture procedures done to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others. I would disagree not because of the torture but in-spite of it. The detainees understand their mission. They were probably trained by the CIA just as our soldiers are in the Special Forces. They undergo torture so they’re able to deal with it upon capture. The information would have been useless, the contact and ties have been cut. Torture like conspiracy theories are built upon grains of truth. We will never fully know if torture helped in the capture of Osama.

John Jones

The NON-Conformist