Is Obama the giant slayer? With one shot he killed two hopefuls. First he freed himself of a bullish, brutish and garish Donald Trump. It’s amazing how the chess player Obama worked the board. He allowed Trump to make the first move but check mated his career in two. Trump was but for a purpose; a useful pawn. Now that the cartoon character is out-of-the-way he had to make room for, at least we thought, Huckabee. Talk about the biggest loser, no pun intended. He has put on about 30 pounds. It’s his newfound money that’s weighing him down. First I would say I actually liked his politics to a certain extent. I’ve always lamented how when politics meets religion, head for the hills. Mike just tell the truth you’re getting paid. Money is your new God. You prayed, “Oh dollar”. Why care about making a difference you could have been a good influence-WTF!

This week we have the worst people of the WTF moment. First we have Sarah Palin who is an analyst for Fox News, that in itself is laughable. Palin is an air-brain; she hasn’t a clue of what social engineering is. If she did she would have skipped this segment on Hannity’s program rather than dodging the question. She went on to blame lamestream media for Newt’s flub (as an aside Paul Ryan wants people to think he has the interest of the society at large). Sarah, it wasn’t the media it was your party. Palin used language, if you can call it that, that didn’t make any sense at all. She’s over her head. I agree stick to your guns but don’t play stupid. Stop making excuses for Newt. There were no trip up questions just like you didn’t have a clue about the Bush Doctrine-WTF!

The second dumbest person is Strauss-Khan. The conspiracy with him is the Illuminati a ghost group set him up because he believed in debt forgiveness. I guess his peccadilloes were exposed. Maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t have sex with her. Some news circles claims she is HIV positive-WTF!

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I won’t mention Arnold, that’s just pathetic. I do have to say this, his wife and love interest was pregnant at the same time. Secondly, the kids played together all the while he knew; what muscle balls-WTF

I’m sad to say, one of the biggest reasons we have non-believers are people like Harold Camping. While we are pretty much a political blog and feel that religion and politics are like oil and water, I think Camping is making a huge error. We know not the time; we are encouraged to not speculate, for when they do and it doesn’t come to pass we can call them false prophets. The Apostle Paul, in his day, thought he would see the Messiah’s coming. He then professed to Timothy he wouldn’t see him during his lifetime.  There are only two scriptures we should focus upon: Matthew 24.15 and Luke 21.20. The world is looking for this event NOT to take place. The whole rapture doctrine is a false doctrine-WTF!

John Jones

The NON-Conformist