Will comedians please stand up! What has happened to jokes, we understand comedians are as clever as clowns with their use of puns, double entendres, irony and so on. Are we becoming so politically correct that everything, every group is off-limits? Tracy Morgan can’t make jokes about gays or how he would respond if his kids came home and announced they were gay? Do you think he would really shoot his kids?  Since both sides  have become ultra PC extremists let’ s ask a church going God believing person how they would feel if their child came home announcing they’re now gay. I don’t think they would pour the bubbly nor do I think they would shoot their kids; really-WTF!

I recently had the opportunity to see the rapper Lupe Fiasco on the O’Reilly Factor. First I must applaud Lupe for going on the program. I was little disappointed in O’Reilly for putting down Lupe by first saying he’s misleading his fans/followers and secondly for saying his listeners are too unintelligent to under stand political matters. “They don’t have doctorates,” said O’Reilly, as if he and the other spinsters on Fox do. I’m a little off put by Lupe. He could have constructed his argument better by not directly calling the President a terrorist but indirectly so because of his decisions to use the military as a terrorist group. To the inhabitants of the lands occupied by the military they would agree with calling the U.S. terrorist-WTF!

I also enjoyed Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Wallace was a bit snippy and on the defensive, what would you expect. I enjoyed the interview for other reasons. Stewart says he enjoys being a comedian, Wallace accuses him of wanting to be a political player. Stewart doesn’t have marching orders like at Fox so he has carte blanche  to do or say what he wants. I liked that he didn’t back down and called out Fox while at Fox studios-WTF!

WAL-MART really. This is a fine example of having great lawyers. The small person doesn’t stand a chance. No wonder Wal-Mart doesn’t like unions. This is the very reason, they don’t have to be accountable to any one, especially the employees-WTF!

John Jones

The NON-Conformist