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I was thinking a bit about Colin Kaepernick the much maligned quarterback for the San Fransisco 49ers who by the way will be starting this Sunday, but a name came up that I highly despise, that name sister Sarah Palin the idiot savant of nothingness. she had a message for Colin, the message reads.

America – let’s sack this ungrateful punk.
Kaepernick – yeah, you’re really “down with the oppressed” in this nation. Enjoying your $114 million contract, your previous adoring fans, sucking up a life of luxury… GOD AND COUNTRY GAVE YOU THIS OPPORTUNITY. You can’t acknowledge that? Then on behalf of every Vet I’m privileged to know: GET THE HELL OUT.

– Sarah Palin

Her message is first of all very insulting. If their is a god then he or she or it did a bad job with this Country. I would say he(Colin) was successful because of his skill and Country had nothing to do with it. Blacks had to fight to get a seat at the table and we’re still fighting for self determination. Since you have come up, you’ve gone into hibernation which is a good thing. But to tell a grown man to get the hell out is troublesome and insulting. Why don’t you take your ass back to Europe and try reading a book about the history of this Country specifically foreign policy.

As football fan I have a joke for you. What do you call a white man surrounded by ten black guys…a quarterback. Racism permeates the inner core of this Country. While Sister Sarah is making a point she falls in line with white privilege and white supremacy. The position of quarterback represents white privilege. The former racist President Theodore Roosevelt who is having a few issues these days and all fair. To know more about him read The Imperial Cruise by Jame Bradley. In 1906 Theodore Roosevelt said “the quarterback position represents the founding fathers of America, it represents the President of this Country a position a black man will never obtain. The quarterback position represents leadership, decision making and authority.”

Let’s continue supporting Kaepernick in his fight for justice. If people come to you about the military, don’t answer, he never mentioned it. But ask them to tell you the history of the national anthem and the war of 1812… the real history! Its funny, but do you tell the Jews to stand for the German national anthem if it was written by Joseph Goebbels? I leave you with a quote from my favorite writer.

“I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.”
James Baldwin

Written by The NON-Conformist


Marco Rubio comes in third, then delivers a victory speech. The media eats it up.

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Opinion: Robert Mann… Jindal responds to Lafayette shootings with hugs and shrugs

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In the days after the deadly June shooting spree in Charleston, S.C., in which nine members of that city’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church died, Gov. Bobby Jindal attacked President Barack Obama’s calls for stricter gun control laws as “completely shameful.”

lafayette theater shooting


Instead of doing something about the proliferation of guns and gun violence, Jindal offered only prayer and hugs. Anything else, he suggested, was inappropriate and overtly political. “Now is the time for prayer, now is the time for healing. As far as the political spectrum, this isn’t the time,” Jindal told reporters after a speech in Iowa, where he had begun his remarks by praying for the victims and their families.

“I think it was completely shameful,” Jindal said of Obama’s call for a national discussion about gun control. “Within 24 hours we’ve got the president trying to score cheap political points.”

Now that people have died in a mass shooting in his state — three dead and six injured at a movie theater in Lafayette on Thursday (July 23) — it was, again, not the time to talk about the problem of gun violence. On Thursday night, Jindal, who happened to be in Baton Rouge on a rare visit to Louisiana, rushed to Lafayette to offer prayers and hugs.

When it comes to doing something about the gun violence that afflicts Louisiana, Jindal also offers shrugs. In Jindal’s world, it’s never the right time to debate gun violence or talk about how government should address the problem. And with a mass shooting almost every week, it will never be time in Jindal’s estimation to talk about it. Only hugs and shrugs.


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Posted by Libergirl who says Piyush(Bobby) Jindal is a JOKE…a walking contradiction!




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Friday will go down in infamy for some, for others probably not. Well, by now you should know the rebel/confederate flag was taken down around 10:00 A.M. maybe a little later and not because it was the right thing to do; it was more reactionary. A stupid kid who posed with the rebel flag happened to shoot nine people to somehow create a race war. Warring factions between the races will always be there, the strong vs. the weak, rich against poor, 99 percent against the 1 percent. Did he accomplish his goal? Maybe he did by shifting the attention to the all too often forgiving blacks who can forgive a racist white supremacist piece of shit but will castrate their own brother or sister for wanting to borrow a thin (dime) because they’re not in the Lord.

Okay the flag is down, did he prove his point for a racial conflict, maybe! It’s still too early, but he didn’t figure on one thing happening. While he was burning the American flag, while wearing apartheid badges and posing with his beloved license plates. He didn’t figure the opposite result: the flag being removed and put in a museum. He also didn’t figure on Wal-Mart, Amazon and iTunes ridding itself of its vestiges. I’m sorry but this is laughable. He may want to be careful while in prison, not from the brothers but from the Aryans and other white supremacist supporters.

Let’s move forward! “WE” need JUSTICE now! It just now came out that he purchased the firearm illegally… again so many cracks in the system.

People aren’t entitled to their own facts. The flag needed to go! It was put up as an affront to the civil rights or basic rights of black people. William Thompson, the flags creator said:


Sympathizers and supporters can say what they want about heritage. What about blacks during that time, was slavery their heritage? Lincoln didn’t care about slaves, he considered them less than human and he wanted the South to keep their slaves as long as they didn’t secede from the Union. They tried and in four short years lost, with the help of black soldiers.

Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley is not a profile in courage as many have made her out to be. In 2014 she defended the Confederate flag’s presence on South Carolina’s statehouse grounds, declaring that the flag isn’t an issue because “not a single CEO” has complained about it

South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn gave an impassioned speech “The Confederacy had three flags. This was never one of them,” Clyburn said. “This is a flag, the Confederate battle flag of the army of Northern Virginia, Robert E. Lee’s army.”

“And when Robert E. Lee surrendered he asked all of his followers to furl this flag. Stow it away, he said. Put it in your attics,” Clyburn continued. “He refused to be buried in his Confederate uniform. His family refused to allow anyone dressed in the confederate uniform to attend his funeral.”

“Why? Because Robert E. Lee said he considered this emblem to be a symbol of treason.”

As I tweeted out “he (Clyburn) didn’t rewrite history; he spoke it! I’ve come to this conclusion and maybe you should also. It was spoken by a former Grand Dragon of the KKK “you are a racist in denial”

Written by The NON-Conformist


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As we all know this is the last weekend before the General Election where candidates can impact or influence voters as to why they are the better choice. Truth be told, does it really matter who wins with only a slight few differences? This election borders on two things for me: 1. NO more wars and 2. The Affordable Health Care Act( while not perfect, better than what we currently have). The kinks will have to be worked out later by both parties. For those who early voted, use this time to take others to the polls.

An issue that has plagued me has to do with core values. Mitt Romney comes off like a credible candidate but what about his core values as a person? He may be a beautiful husband and father but you can’t get far in the business world by being nice and always playing by the rules. My point has to do with his often double speak. Also I have to look at how he does business. He’s running on being a job creator, I doubt that; he’s looking out for the investors. Romney is a conflicted man, when he looks in the mirror I wonder what he sees in those soulless eyes of his. News comes out daily about his business misadventures. Re: look at the Rolling Stone piece I posted as well as his investments in the auto industry. America is not a business, hell when was the last businessman to run the country well? Don’t think too hard on that one.

Alas, let me talk about the black church. The black church is trying hard to find relevance and acceptability within the political climate. I agree with the moral aspects of the church, I do however disagree with the walking of the middle of the road. If you disagree with stances of political figures simply express that. But when you tell your followers to NOT vote or when you give them a four-part platform to not vote for one candidate in particular, you’ve over-stepped your boundaries. This is pure ignorance on their part! Look at it this way, you should have a special interest within the political scope: college grants, health care and a slew of other issues. If it’s only moral issues that you are voting on, maybe it’s best you tell your people not to vote. We live in a big world that isn’t monolithic. I was going to show the four-part platform of why to not vote for Obama as well as the seven points of why he isn’t a Christian but it’s a waste of time. They both speak for themselves especially the seven reasons why he’s not a Christian. How can you tell if anyone is anything, that’s irresponsible and wrong on so many levels. It’s time the black church to wake up and realize that we are a free society without church dogma, thank your Founding Fathers. They did have some foresight.

Written by the NON-Conformist


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Are nominal Christians liars or hypocrites? How I prefaced the question is a bit disingenuous. We will soon enter into an election where most churches would agree that neither candidate is a “Christian”. It will be the first time since JFK we don’t have a Protestant representing either side. Protestants don’t consider Catholicism to be authentic and Mormonism to be a cult. So, will nominal Christians compromise and not represent their love of the Constitution’s… NO RELIGIOUS TEST! I can vote for anybody, so for me it is a non-issue. The inconsistency IMO comes when the religious right tries to bring the Bible into the argument. They use the Bible to argue homosexuality, abortion; well, what about those preaching an aberrant gospel? I love how they will twist themselves out of this one.

Some unfortunate incidents have occurred due to religion. What bothers me is love and tolerance seem to be missing. If I am part of a religious persuasion it is my job to preach the good news and expose false notions of what something is. I’ve noticed in Islam there isn’t any tolerance or wiggle room. I understand in Muslim countries that Islam is the state religion but to that I say, so what! In America when we begin to silence individuals because of religious differences we will have anarchy. Every Sabbath or Sunday keeper speaks out against every other group and how they are false, Islam is no different. While I disagree with Pastor Terry Jones, I do believe he has the right of free speech.

Allow me to weigh in on the Chicago teacher’s strike. First, I’m not the biggest fan of unions. Say what you want but all unions are not created equal. My other point is, sure we need education reform, but guess what folks; it won’t happen. It’s better to nickle and dime instead of fix. It’s easier to point fingers, than fix. Until we start to talk about ALL the issues instead of one leading voice, the system will continue to go on and on. Should teachers be tested based on performance? Yes but we have to have a fair system of testing. Schools with more money and more teachers will always outperform poorer schools. With any job you have, you are evaluated every year for your performance. Principals need the authority to do a job and to do it efficiently; teacher can’t be coddled. Teachers are the last line of defense; look at what we face daily, whether good or bad, a teacher had something to do with it.

Written by the Non-Conformist



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Todd Akin(R-M0.), another anomaly among us, another example of an oatmeal man. Missouri knows all to well about this person who can spew such ignorance. This is what he said while being interviewed on a St. Louis television station…

” Well you know, people always want to try to make that as one of those things, well how do you, how do you slice this particularly tough sort of ethical question. First of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child.”

If you make the statement, stand behind it. Don’t come back the next day and give a half -hearted non-apology about a “wrong” choice of words. You knew damn well what you were saying and you meant those words. In his apology he didn’t apologize about what he said but about the wording of it.  It’s the same with the idiots who backed him, they didn’t go after the language he used, they didn’t correct the “man” they simply accepted what he said; how pathetic. With his controversial statement he vowed not to drop out of the race and intends to fight on even under attack from his own party.

The Repubs understand with his seat up for grabs, the Senate could go to the Dems. Nothing new here; remember Ollie North, Reagan said take the fall and we will look out for you, that’s what crooks do for one another. The Akin thing will play out one or two ways. Pride is a big part of it, when the GOP backed his other opponents in his previous Congressional race, he still came out victorious. I’m amazed at how people are still backing him, sure we can make mistakes or misspeak but we still have to account for what comes out. I’m still confused about the legitimate rap comment as if a woman enjoys being raped and we can’t forget about the God hormone that blocks pregnancies. I guess their “God” is sleeping on the job or women sho do enjoy being rape. Statics  from a 1996 report in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, show there are about 32,000 unwanted pregnancies caused by rape every year in the United States. You can’t align yourself with this type of misogyny. This is the same guy that wanted the Civil Rights bill drafted in 1965 bought up again to so the states could decide. Not only is he sexiest he is also racist and he would be the first one to call himself a nominal Christian. I don’t understand how women or blacks could be apart of this party.

This guy is corrupt mentally. I hope he gets his ass handed to him…………………I’m sorry I have to revisit the rape thing. These politriksters want to make laws in which women can’t terminate a pregnancy under any circumstance. I shouldn’t say this but in a way I wish their wives would get raped. I would love to hear them be questioned about enjoying it and I wonder how they really feel about the law in some states where the father is granted visitation rights. I will defer to the experts on this one. Dr. David Grimes, a clinical professor in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill told the New York Times that “to suggest that there’s some biological reason why women couldn’t get pregnant during a rape is absurd.” These people are sick, nuff said. More

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