I thought Bible believers were environmentalists, you know, wanting to save the earth and all.

I would comment on Bobby Valentine, the new Red Sox’s skipper but why, he hasn’t won anything. Overseas doesn’t count! I guess he’s still sore from the Subway Series spanking my boyz laid on em, and will continue to do, go YANKS.

We need to stop with the assessment of how President Obama will win. Many are saying it’s going to be tight race, others say he will run away with it. Listen closely, it’s money that’s going to determine the victory. With money you can spread dissention and LIES. In the words of Hitler, who knew a thing or two about words, “If you tell a lie long and often enough, people will believe it.”

Concerning energy, it’s time we start having a real conversation.  Like almost completely nuclear France, everything should should be on the table. Allen West complained about it taking so much to fill his H3 Hummer vehicle, that’s hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic. Mitt is funny as well, he says gas is high because of uncertainty in the world. Maybe it’s due to the economy improving, think about it. Everyone wants to have the advantage as far as currency goes. I learned this during my time in Germany. We had to look closely at the mark rate. If the Deutsche mark was low my dollar had more value, meaning I would support the German economy; If the other way around, I would spend my money on the base.

My wife, partner, friend, lover, etc., and I often get into late night arguments about schools. We pretty much disagree.  Rahm(Chicago Mayor) once told the president of the city’s teachers union that,”25 percent of the students will amount to nothing.” He was speaking of the ailing schools in Chicago and his latest plan is to to close 17 failing schools. Within the last 10 years Chicago has closed more than 100 schools and yet they are closing down even more. Is this the right thing to do? There are too many issues that revolve around single families as well as other problems. A foot has to be put down somewhere. Maybe a curriculum change to year- round schools or charter schools. It seems that the traditional isn’t working, maybe it’s time to show tough love. For teachers as well as students, a change is inevitable.

The New York Police Department has used surveillance on peaceful Muslim students with no record of wrong doing.  The story has gotten my attention since the idea of drones patrolling our cities have come due to the success of drones being used in desert lands. My point is, are we becoming a Police state? On my buddy’s site $trangelanguage he has posted some interesting articles. This goes beyond “Right” or “Left’, it’s a universal issue. Take another look at the Patriot Act, the walking over the Fourth Amendment; take another look at the President’s signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Ron Paul is beginning to make more sense as far as this is concerned. It’s time we stop this bickering across the aisles, we have a two-headed monster called the political beast. Once your rights get trampled on then you make noise, I’ll be posting more about police state business, it’s nothing new, just done differently.

The NON-Conformist