I just couldn’t stop reading this story, very touching. Earlier today on NPR a man recounted the story of his time in Vietnam and how many, many years later he can still remember (vividly) the face of one of his comrades as he was dying. So…how is your day going???

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Alice Franks is a long-distance runner.

On Veterans Day nine years ago, while walking to the starting line of a 10-mile race along the Potomac River, Franks suddenly discovered she was in a place she had tried so long to avoid. Before her was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Wall where the names of 58,282 Americans are carved into black granite.

Nineteen years before, Franks’ husband — a decorated Vietnam veteran — had sat down in front of an oak tree facing the Wall and killed himself. The place harbored too much pain, and now Alice was confronting it by accident for the first time.

On Sept. 15, 1984, Jeffery Davis left his shift as a Washington, D.C., plainclothes police officer and, as he often did, went drinking. After midnight he ended up at the Wall he had described as “foreboding.” Later, the Bronze Star winner walked away into the night and shot himself with his service revolver.

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