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Every day we learn about the multiple ways large corporations are destroying democracy in this country (or whatever is left of it).  They are bribing politicians, poisoning our air and water, pushing for the passage of cookie-cutter legislation specifically designed to undermine workers’ rights, constitutional rights, women’s rights, and regulations against predatory practices.

When people object to the abuses and take legal action, more often than not, the judicial system ends up finding in favor of offending corporations in a host of issues.

Given this reality, it is truly alarming to learn that when it comes to judicial nominees of a Democratic president, “corporate attorneys outnumber all other kinds of attorneys by three to one,” as reported by the Huffingon Post: “Elizabeth Warren To Obama: Stop Putting Forward So Many Corporate Judicial Nominees.”

And incredibly, a new AFJ report (“Broadening the Bench”) referenced in the article “found that just 3.6 percent of the president’s nominees have a background in public interest organizations.”

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