WHEW…I’ve had it up to here with snow…please go away! It’s fine if you’re sipping cocoa at a swank resort and don’t have to drive in it but if you have to drive in it..arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we dive back into blogging, I wanted to give love to my love: my blog partner and husband The NON-Conformist ♥♥. He was stuck in traffic for two hours on his way to pick me up from work…the Southeast does not do snow well.

As I was scanning the news I came across this really cool story about Chris Paul which just made me smile….

Image: Ben Gibbs

 As we head into All-Star weekend, we celebrate LA Clippers point guard Chris Paul, the seven-time NBA All-Star whose myriad achievements include Rookie of the Year, two-time Olympic Gold medalist, and All-Star game MVP. His skills as a player, and his devotion to the game, come with a passion for community and a commitment to family. Why else do we love Chris Paul? Here, we count the ways:

Because for him philanthropy is personal; He established his CP3 foundation in honor of his grandfather “Papa Chili,” who was attacked and killed in 2002. The Nathaniel Jones Scholarship Fund sends two students a year from Chris’ home town to his alma mater.

Because of his commitment to kids; With CP3 AfterSchool Zone and CP3K Walk for Kids, Paul is focused on enriching the lives of the younger generation and encouraging them to step away from their video games.

Because of his humility; When his 10-year high school reunion rolled around, Paul not only attended it, he helped plan it, because that was his duty as Senior Class President.

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