Michael Dunn Trial: Is America’s Legal System Capable of Defending Black Life Against Irrational White Fears?

Image: bytheirstrangefruit.blogspot.com

“Sis, c’mon, dis Brooklyn Winter Olympics!” I’m sitting in a car in backed up traffic, watching two young black boys and their sister turn treacherous sidewalks into an icerink and the slopes of Sochi – their own personal Winter Olympics. They laugh, slide, create shapes, do commentary, scrunch up their faces, dance, slip, right themselves and do it over again. I laugh thinking about how irritated we all are by the ice. I laugh thinking how irritated we all are by the ice, but how kids take adult things and through their lens see and make magic, create a wonderland. The older brother declares he won the gold medal, slides dramatically to his knees, puts his arms in the air and starts his thank you speech: “First I’ma thank God that I I didn’t break my lil black butt on this crazy ice….” His younger brother and sister crack up laughing and start applauding. They then begin to argue about who gets the silver and bronze medals. As I watch, I start to imagine Jordan Davis as a kid–Trayvon Martin, too. I wonder about the games they played, their dreams, what medals they might have won or claimed in childhood games. I see the faces of Jordan’s mama, Trayvon’s mama and the worlds they must confront in which their 18 and 19 year old sons are now corpses and names on the tongues of a nation–high profile examples of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws.??

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Posted by The NON-Conformist


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