Conservatives Are Furious With Harry Reid For Warring With The Kochs

Image: Talking Points Memo

“There’s something going on with Harry Reid’s mental state and we need to really be concerned about it,” Sharron Angle, the GOP nominee who lost to Reid in the 2010 Nevada Senate race, said April 3 on her radio show. “[T]hat’s the onset of something more serious, and as you say, there’s something mentally going on here, when you can’t remember.”

“Poor Harry Reid,” Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate, said on Fox News. “I mean, either he’s off his meds — and he clearly needs some assistance immediately, he needs to be rushed to an emergency room — or the man is just brazenly unable to tell the truth.”

More including video from TPM

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  1. Wow. The defense from the right doesn’t surprise me. The accusations of “crazy” coming from some of the looniest voices in politics is something else, though.

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