A poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and Annenberg finally gave a numerical answer to a question we at Mediaite often ask ourselves: Out of all political figures that should pipe down just a bit, which one should do it immediately?

Answer: Sarah Palin. Overwhelmingly Sarah Palin, says America.

52% of surveyed American adults want Sarah Palin to “be quiet,” according to the poll taken between June 30 and July 7 — immediately before she published a Breitbart column demanding Obama be impeached. Notably, four out of every ten Republicans surveyed said that Palin should quiet down. (Two-thirds of Democrats and a “majority” of independents agreed with that sentiment.)

45% of respondents added that they wanted Jesse Jackson to be quiet, too; followed by Dick Cheney (42%), Newt Gingrich (39%), Al Gore (37%), and Bill Clinton (31%).

Only 12% surveyed said that the politicians should keep talking.

Numbers don’t lie, people.

From Mediate via Wall Street Journal

Posted by Libergirl