Gordon Parks: Views of a segregated South

Gordon Parks’ courageous photography helped awaken America at the dawn of the civil rights era. He was a master at portraying people from every walk of life. For years, some of Parks’ most important early work seemed lost, but now a new generation of Americans can see it for themselves.

Gordon Parks Gordon Parks Gordon Parks

In the summer of 1956, in the aftermath of the Montgomery bus boycotts, Life magazine sent a photographer to Alabama for an essay on segregation. The man who took these pictures was Parks, Life’s first black photographer, who saw his camera as a weapon.

“I see a poor child, distraught mother; it’s not important in that particular moment that I express my feelings, but it’s important that I let the world know what they are thinking and what they are going through,” Parks told CBS’ “Sunday Morning” in 1982. “And so I become an instrument for them. I think that’s what the camera does. It serves a purpose.”

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