Friday will go down in infamy for some, for others probably not. Well, by now you should know the rebel/confederate flag was taken down around 10:00 A.M. maybe a little later and not because it was the right thing to do; it was more reactionary. A stupid kid who posed with the rebel flag happened to shoot nine people to somehow create a race war. Warring factions between the races will always be there, the strong vs. the weak, rich against poor, 99 percent against the 1 percent. Did he accomplish his goal? Maybe he did by shifting the attention to the all too often forgiving blacks who can forgive a racist white supremacist piece of shit but will castrate their own brother or sister for wanting to borrow a thin (dime) because they’re not in the Lord.

Okay the flag is down, did he prove his point for a racial conflict, maybe! It’s still too early, but he didn’t figure on one thing happening. While he was burning the American flag, while wearing apartheid badges and posing with his beloved license plates. He didn’t figure the opposite result: the flag being removed and put in a museum. He also didn’t figure on Wal-Mart, Amazon and iTunes ridding itself of its vestiges. I’m sorry but this is laughable. He may want to be careful while in prison, not from the brothers but from the Aryans and other white supremacist supporters.

Let’s move forward! “WE” need JUSTICE now! It just now came out that he purchased the firearm illegally… again so many cracks in the system.

People aren’t entitled to their own facts. The flag needed to go! It was put up as an affront to the civil rights or basic rights of black people. William Thompson, the flags creator said:


Sympathizers and supporters can say what they want about heritage. What about blacks during that time, was slavery their heritage? Lincoln didn’t care about slaves, he considered them less than human and he wanted the South to keep their slaves as long as they didn’t secede from the Union. They tried and in four short years lost, with the help of black soldiers.

Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley is not a profile in courage as many have made her out to be. In 2014 she defended the Confederate flag’s presence on South Carolina’s statehouse grounds, declaring that the flag isn’t an issue because “not a single CEO” has complained about it

South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn gave an impassioned speech “The Confederacy had three flags. This was never one of them,” Clyburn said. “This is a flag, the Confederate battle flag of the army of Northern Virginia, Robert E. Lee’s army.”

“And when Robert E. Lee surrendered he asked all of his followers to furl this flag. Stow it away, he said. Put it in your attics,” Clyburn continued. “He refused to be buried in his Confederate uniform. His family refused to allow anyone dressed in the confederate uniform to attend his funeral.”

“Why? Because Robert E. Lee said he considered this emblem to be a symbol of treason.”

As I tweeted out “he (Clyburn) didn’t rewrite history; he spoke it! I’ve come to this conclusion and maybe you should also. It was spoken by a former Grand Dragon of the KKK “you are a racist in denial”

Written by The NON-Conformist