At a Donald Trump rally on Friday, two protestors from North Carolina gained world-wide attention.


At a Donald Trump rally on Friday, two protesters from North Carolina gained worldwide attention.

Rose Hamid, a Muslim woman from Charlotte, and Marty Rosenbluth, an attorney from Durham, still have the yellow stars they wore to the rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

“My goal going in was to be as respectful as possible,” said Hamid.

 They said they stood in place as the presidential candidate spoke about the current White House and radical Islam. Hamid and Rosenbluth were escorted out and, on way to the door, Hamid said a Trump supporter yelled at her.

“He was in my face, and he was saying ‘Do you have a bomb? Do you have a bomb with you,’” said Hamid. “I kept a smile on my face and I said ‘No, I do not have a bomb. Do you have a bomb?’”

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