Trial of Baltimore Officer Goodson postponed by Maryland appeals court

Maryland’s second-highest court intervened Monday and postponed the trial of a Baltimore police officer in the death of Freddie Gray, potentially delaying for months the trials of all the officers charged in the case.

The Court of Special Appeals issued its last-minute order to halt the proceedings Monday morning, when jury selection was set to begin in the second-degree murder trial of fellow Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr.

The appellate court said it needs time to consider whether Officer William G. Porter can be forced to testify at Goodson’s trial. Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams had ordered the officer to testify with limited immunity, and Porter’s attorneys asked the appellate court for an injunction to block that.

Compelling a defendant with pending charges to testify under immunity at a co-defendant’s trial would be unprecedented in Maryland. The appeals court determined that it was in the “interest of all parties” that Porter’s request be handled before Goodson’s trial begins.

More from the Baltimore Sun


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