A buddy of mine sent me a text about boycotting Black Friday from Nov 24 thru Jan 2….Before I begin my righteous rant I’m not even going to go into the history of Black Friday. If you don’t know the origin of the story by now, you shouldn’t be in the argument or the vicinity thereof. To brief yourself on the subject read Sarah Pruitt’s article What’s the Real History of Black Friday.

I’ve heard every argument for Black Friday and I call bullshit!. Look at it this way, why boycott if you’re pinching pennies to buy your children a gift they really want and you can get that same gift at a fraction of the cost(sorry that makes good financial sense). Doesn’t matter if you purchase your gifts a week before, the retailers are still getting your dollars anyway. Might as well save some coin! The other question, would I boycott…Hell yes! Problem is we’re not ready. We argue for freedom, justice, equality and self- determination. When Kaepernick took a knee we argued about the oppression of the flag and the racist history of the flag and how the United States Constitution wasn’t for you, we weren’t even considered a person. Yet we want to partake in European holiday that had nothing to do with enslaved Africans. Read the “Slave Narratives” how black were treated or mistreated. Some were plotting their escape while others enjoyed the time off in drunkenness. We fight tooth and nail to be a part of “Misgivings Day.”

If we want to get serious about boycotting we have to completely get out of the business of celebrating European holidays. I understand we live in a ready made world but can we not make our personal stamp and create our own belief systems. Think for a second, didn’t we have a truth, a practice or belief system before we were exported here and made to forget that rich history. Read the works of Cheikh Anta Diop, Robin Walker, Ivan Van Sertima,Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan. Our history is presented to us as slavery to the Civil Rights Movement.

The question remains, what do you want? If you want to boycott from Nov 24 to Jan 2, we can’t partake in “Misgivings Day” by spending it on traditional fare such as turkeys which alone bring in roughly $670 million. If we want self- determination we have to come out from  under the thumb of tradition and be a separate people in order to be taken seriously.

I receive funny looks when I tell people I don’t partake in American holidays especially from white people. It didn’t start out this way but  I’m happier for it. The argument continues to be an economic boycott for justice. We are not a unified group so a massive boycott is not in our best interest. We have to focus on one company. Let’s take Coke for instance, the group that created fat white Santa, Funny, yet true.

Coke doesn’t really spend money with black businesses so lets buy stock and become major stake holders (companies are beholden to share holders). This is called a power play: your money is your voice. We didn’t created the rules but we must play by them at times. We also must fight injustice by voting for those who have a divested interest. We have to chose people we want and back them financially, we also can’t be scared to chose people who look like us. We have to be completely divested and not partake in European holidays, until then I can’t take your boycott seriously. So much more can be added, this was just a primer!

Written by The NON-Conformist