Today is the release of two great albums, first is Steel Pulse’s Mass Manipulation and secondly is Theo Croker’s Star People Nation. Please support good, good music. And now WTF!


On my way work I try and listen to at least five radio stations during my 20 minute drive span.  You may ask why so many, simple: I hate commercials. I have the switching down to a science…anyways.  As I was listening to The Tom Joyner show with the Roland Martin segment about the courts being overran with conservative white men, I had to pause for a second and think. You can’t blame Trump for the reason he’s in office and why he’s appointing these men. He’s looking out for the folk who more than likely think he’s an abhorrent individual, but they voted for a particular reason like so-called morals. Then I paused again a second time. Obama was in for 8 years and how many blacks did he put forth or better yet how many justices are currently serving in that position that are black. You already know the obvious answer. Even in his last weak appointment attempt he couldn’t find it in his heart to choose a black person. Lastly, I can’t let Ruth Bader Ginsberg of the hook, she knew was up in age with health issues. She could have stepped down under Obama and allowed someone younger to be appointed. For that I say WTF! 


To be honest abortion is a weird issue. Is it a moral or biblical issue? The Bible is silent on this issue as well as the Constitution. Of course you can find some ambitious Scripture and twist it all out of shape to make a sordid point. These draconian abortion bills, especially the one Alabama wrote are for one reason, to get it appealed to the judicial branch, the Supreme Court and lower courts. Personally, I don’t see the bill making it at all. To be honest the majority of women who have had this procedure done it was probably for the best. I’m looking at this issue from a responsible perspective, we have children that never get adopted, that are mistreated and then released into society completely damaged. As Libergirl says they(conservatives) only care about the womb, not about the cradle to the grave. Allow me to say this, its not a black or white issue. Depending on the population of either group they make up the majority of abortions. Politics is all backwards, its about power and will. It’s not about small government but control, from both sides. For that I say WTF!

Written and posted by The NON-Conformist