What bothers me about the Julian Assange issue is the stand that people take for the reasons he should be locked up. They seem to completely miss over the entire story about our government and WikiLeaks and the dismissal in what was leaked that no one got punished. This further proves manufactured consent and its bed fellows and corporate media…WTF

As the is issue of abortion continues to loom heavy. We have to stop a few things. Stop saying this overwhelmingly affects black women, women of color. No! It affects poor people, remember the Hyde Amendment that has crept back in the news cycle, thanks uncle Joe. My second grip, stop making it seem as if only a certain demographic gets abortions. Look up stats from state to state, its far different than how people are spinning it. Thanks again corporate media…WTF

Lastly we will briefly speak on impeachment. What’s the real point if you’re not gonna get the man outta office. Clinton was impeached and how did that fair for the republicans. Maybe looney Nancy is looking at the same thing, it does make political sense, since most incumbents get reelected. No need to give undo fodder. I say have hearings and expose him that way, in doing that he cant weasel his way out and say “fake news.”  People are going to go with they’re tribe any way. If nothing has stuck to fat Donny now, what makes you think anything will. Simply pick a better candidate to run against him less crocked than Hillary and her republican VP mate who hated unions…WTF

Written, Approved and Posted by The non-Conformist