Hillary Clinton (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

The baseless suggestion from Hillary Clinton that Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset is the predictable response of a faction of party elites, which remain desperately invested in the unfounded Russiagate narrative that President Donald Trump was an agent of Moscow.

Opposition to wars and support for socially democratic policies has surged within the Democratic Party. Leading presidential candidates include Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Former Vice President Joe Biden is treading water, few centrist liberals have polled higher than single digits in the primary, and they are unsure of which candidate to align behind.

So Clinton and other Democrats fell back on a strategy they have used since the 2016 election to avoid reflecting on their dwindling support: spread fear that Russia will “invade” the 2020 election.

A feature of this strategy is the McCarthyism that it naturally fuels. It helps Democratic elites maintain the confines for how far they are willing to be pushed by the grassroots insurgency at the base of the Democratic Party. Any prominent figure who engages in a debate or pushes an agenda that goes beyond what they will allow is conveniently a favorite of Russian bots or trolls, or worse, a witting or unwitting asset of the Russian government.

Their strategy has poisoned U.S. press coverage of Gabbard’s presidential campaign since the day she announced her candidacy, and it has helped Democrats single out Gabbard as the primary candidate who the Russian government is most likely to back to undermine the party’s potential to defeat Trump.(Kevin Gosztola)

Posted by The non-Conformist