There’s a little riff between two groups that are in-fighting for the same thing. How in order to get there however has differing opinions. I’m speaking of #ADOS and #FBA. I agree with both groups but for different reasons, no one group will have all the answers. Its fine to take another route but end up at the same place. While these groups argue they are forgetting about N’COBRA, why aren’t they throwing their support. They only got the ball rolling for this to even be in the forefront. In order to be fully on code and effective all groups must work together for the same goal and nothing else. TNC…

What strategies does N’COBRA utilize and endorse?

Since its inception N’COBRA has embraced public education, mobilization, organization, and more recently, transformation, to obtain reparations. It has organized town hall meetings and rallies in cities throughout the United States, bringing long-time reparations advocates, the newly converted, and skeptics together to talk about the necessity of reparations to obtain racial justice.  Its members and leaders have participated in conferences, radio and television programs and people’s tribunals discussing conditions that require reparations and strategies for moving forward. N’COBRA utilizes a periodic membership newsletter “Reparations Now!,” a quarterly news magazine “Black Reparations Times” and a website,, to inform the public about the Reparations movement.

N’COBRA supports legislative initiatives.  In 1988, Detroit Advisory Board member, Reparations Ray Jenkins, encouraged Congressman John Conyers to introduce a Reparations Bill.  In Washington, the DC Chapter held public meetings to discuss the drafts and provided comments on the drafts to Congressman Conyers. N’COBRA remains committed to the passage of H.R. 40 although Congress has not yet favorably acted upon it. N’COBRA puts this in context: the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Bill took 12 years to pass in Congress, a bill much less contentious than H.R.40. N’COBRA has organized a number of legislative lobby days on Capitol Hill during which people lobbied Members of Congress to support H.R. 40. Buttressed by this success, N’COBRA’s Legislative Commission initiated, A Year of Black Presence lobbying initiative, inspired by “The Debt” by Randall Robinson. This project enhances N’COBRA’s presence on Capitol Hill, by increasing the numbers of reparations supporters lobbying for the passage of H.R. 40.

N’COBRA also supports State and municipal legislative initiatives. Its members have participated in the successful efforts in Michigan, Louisiana, District of Columbia, California, Illinois, Ohio and other places to obtain resolutions in support of reparations initiatives. 

N’COBRA, along with the Reparations Coordinating Committee and other organizations, is developing lawsuits that raise the issue of the legal right of African descendants to reparations based on the continuing vestiges of slavery. These lawsuits will focus on the many areas in which we as African people continue to suffer due to the legacy of slavery including health, wealth/poverty, education, self-determination and the imposition of criminal punishments.

N’COBRA engages in direct action to obtain reparations. Its leadership organized a highway slowdown on the Washington Metropolitan Area Beltway in the early 90s, and demonstrations in front of federal buildings.  From these demonstrations it created Reparations Awareness Day on February 25. The Economic Development Commission initiated an annual demonstration on April 4, on which day people are asked to boycott school or work and engage in reparations education and mobilization activities. As a part of the Economic Development Commission’s work Black Friday was developed in August 2003.  People of African descent are encouraged to only patronize Black businesses on Fridays.  Black businesses are asked to support Reparations, principles of cooperative economics, and a code of professional responsibility by which they agree to service their customers with the utmost integrity and quality of service. N’COBRA also joins in direct actions organized by other groups.


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