There is NO trans murder epidemic. But someone IS using trans deaths for political gain in America
Advocacy groups continue to stoke fears on what they call an “epidemic” of murders within the trans community. Worries heard far and wide as politicians and news agencies repeat the warning. But how true is the rhetoric?

A dishonest cause 

In early Spring, Jazzaline Ware was home alone in Memphis, Tennessee. How she spent this day no one can say for certain. In recent times she’d moved on from a previous life of petty theft, and was proud she no longer needed to steal to survive. Her existence seemed to be going in an upwards trajectory. Making it all the more tragic when she suddenly died due to natural causes.

It was roughly three weeks until her body was discovered when alarmed friends called in a welfare check after not hearing from her for so long. As a person who wasn’t known to the public at large, in any normal case her story would have ended there. Those who loved her would mourn, and their own small world would be feeling a tremendous loss.

But due to her status as a transgender individual, an agenda took hold and her life and death became nothing more than yet another misleading statistic in the battleground that is Trump’s America.

For the past handful of years, organizations like GLAAD and The Human Rights Campaign have been keeping a tally of any and all transgender people killed on a yearly basis. These lists are published and then politicians, news agencies, activists, and various other entities tout it as proof of a startling trend of hate fueled murders.(Sophia Narwitz)

Posted by The non-Conformist