Rachel Bitecofer forecast the “blue wave.” She says turnout favors the Democrats — but their messaging is awful

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary season slogs onward, toward what now seems an inevitable conclusion.   

Last week, Joe Biden’s campaign was resuscitated on Super Tuesday. He routed Sen. Bernie Sanders by winning 10 out of 14 states, including Texas.

A week later there were presidential primaries in six states including the key battleground state of Michigan. Biden won Michigan relatively easily, along with Missouri, Idaho and Mississippi. Sanders won in North Dakota, with Washington state a virtual tie to this point. 

Most commentators now assume that Biden has a virtually insurmountable lead in the delegate count and view him as the Democratic Party’s de facto presidential nominee. That nomination will be formalized at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee this coming July.

Writing about the Democratic primaries and the upcoming presidential election has brought great comfort to the mainstream news media. Instead of focusing on the Trump regime and American fascism, media commentators can turn their attention to public opinion polls, votes, and personalities. Like slipping on an old shoe, such horse-race coverage is familiar and safe. However, familiarity does not in fact make it good.

The worst examples of horse race journalism — which unfortunately describes most of it — does the public a great disservice in any number of ways.

It fails to provide the American people with the deeper context: The 2020 presidential election threatens to be a moment of tectonic social and political shift, in which the Age of Trump could become the new normal.(Chauncey DeVega)

Posted by The non-Conformist