This past weekend was CPAC weekend in Orlando with Donald Trump making his first appearance since leaving the White House. Before he arrived ,a poll from some of the sponsors revealed that if the election were held that day Trump would win again with Ron Desantis coming in second. The rest of the list was filled with the likes of Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and the robotic governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem.

Then the man of the hour arrived, as he walked on to the stage as the final speaker chants of USA, USA rang out and believe me he soaked in all of the lavish praise…watching that lavish praise made me feel kind of sad because Trump doesn’t really care at all about those in attendance. Sure he said he would march with you to the capitol and then made a sharp right or left and went back to the White House and an allegedly quipped…“ Why couldn’t they be better people?”

Watching his CPAC speech, who knew that he was the second talent on loan from God, the first being the recently deceased Rush Limbaugh but there he was saying all that he achieved for the working class and how his administration was perfect…scoring 100 out of 100 and they really, really won the election.

Watching that speech also made me think about the guy who actually won the election, Joe Biden, and how he is already snatching victory from the jaws of defeat…why would you allow the parliamentarian, a non-elected official, to take the minimum wage increase out of the COVID-19 relief bill and do nothing about it.

There is precedent that the vice president can overrule the parliamentarian but the Biden Admin. said they would not buck the rule. There you go taking something the people want and stomping all over it. It’s a complicated topic but what chance will the minimum wage increase have going forward… probably very little. Hand wringing over this but appropriating money to Israel for security assistance with ease.

And there are those changing target stimulus checks….why didn’t they go out the door immediately(once Biden was sworn in)and for the full amount promised $2,000 not $1,400, no means testing, give the people what you promised. More snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, willing to fight your guts out for the Neera Tanden nomination but whimpering out on fighting for the people who put you in the White House . Lastly, I will mention sanctions that are in place against places like Cuba and Iran… we all know sanctions hurt the people not the leaders. Biden should take the easy victories of continuing what Obama was trying to do in normalizing relations with Cuba and take a page from Trump who took pleasure in reversing Obama’s nuclear deal the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA )and rejoin.

Written by Libergirl