The answer in the interim is me and only me. Are we really healed by his stripes, Do we yet not feel pain. Will we overshot up or stop complaining. Well the holocaust happened a long time ago or put away your rebel flags, you lost and carry a losers flag. But the question remains who will pay reparations.

Is it deserving or warranted: sure! The answer is all the above. The atrocities blacks faced was state sanctioned and carried out by the government, 250 years of slavery, 90 years of Jim Crow, 60 years of separate but equal, and 35 years of state sanctioned red lining. As if we don’t continually suffer. Sure you may be living a fine life but is everyone living a life worth living with honor and respect. What about the athlete, the entertainer, the occasional businessman/woman. With that said blacks still only own 6% of the nations wealth.

So people ask, do you think it will happen or come to pass. The answer is simple; why not!. Im sure no one thought the institution of slavery would one day end. So maybe 435 years from now it could happen. Another question remains, what about now. Maybe some people could get some payback for the burning of Wilmington, black wall-street, Rose Wood, and the issues of black farmers. We can’t forget about the Florida massacre of Ocoee in1920 when dozens of people murdered for just trying to vote. Who will pay reparations for their souls.

The road will be a tough long one. One thing can be said about the system, whites in power don’t ever want to relinquish it or face accountability or guilt even if you weren’t personally involved but benefitted and still benefit. Politics becomes the word of the day and it how we have to compete with the help of outside agitators pushing from the rear. Without sounding hypercritical how can we fight a white power structure and be a part of it at the same time. We can make good arguments for but unless we have 218 votes in the house, 60 in the senate and the President to sign it, will are facing an uphill battle.

We have to first get this on the books H.R.40 – Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act. So all the new found groups, ADOS, FBA, you must understand this. We can differ in approach as long as the end desire is the same. We have to influence the youth, the minds of older people are made up already and way too cynical to be of any use. An example some older blacks argue about the deaths of white soldier who died in the civil way. That really a political question that doesn’t deserve a simple answer. So how many black soldiers died in the civil war on either side? This is about being liked, its about an corrective action, not about fear or to compitualate.

Reparations have been to other groups even to this day, but who will pay reparations for my soul. I hope these 28 days of black history month have been beneficial in further accountability and advancement in learning.

Written by The non-Conformist

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