Ron Paul refuses to speak at RNC to avoid endorsing Romney


As 77-year-old Ron Paul retires and brings his campaign to an end, he is refusing an opportunity to speak at the Republican National Convention to avoid endorsing Mitt Romney.
The 12-term libertarian Texas congressman staged a valedictory rally on Sunday before 10,000 supporters at the University of South Florida, before ending his campaign. Paul won 177 delegates to this year’s RNC, beating all other contenders aside from Romney and Rick Santorum. While Paul didn’t reach the numbers needed to make it to the White House, he is still leaving behind a movement of believers in the policies he preached.
“He was talking on a deeper level, and that opened my eyes. I feel like we’re his voice, we’re his legacy,” Paul activist Ashley Nicole York, 26, told the Christian Science Monitor.
Another one of his supporters, 26-year-old Antonio Rivera, said the congressman “enlightened” him on health-care policy, immigration and workings of the Federal Reserve.
“A lot of people say it’s the end of the Paul movement,” Rivera said. “But I think it’s just the beginning.”
Before leaving the spotlight, Paul said he wanted to bring his principles to college campuses with his “We Are the Future” rally and emphasize the importance spreading his movement’s influence.
Since Paul finished second to Romney in the New Hampshire primary, he is not able to address the convention. But the Romney campaign offered him an opportunity to give a speech – as long as it was approved by Romney’s staff and endorses the Republican nominee for president.
Paul rejected the offer on the basis that it wouldn’t align with his beliefs.
“It wouldn’t be my speech,” he said in an interview with the New York Times. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.”
Even without giving a final speech at the RNC, Paul is leaving his policy beliefs and ideas with a number of successors. His son, Sen. Rand Paul, is likely to continue some of his father’s fights in Congress. In Tampa, 21-year-old Paul supporter Ashley Ryan told the Times she will take over as Maine’s national committeewoman after sitting as Paul’s delegate at the RNC.
He has also garnered increasing support from American voters. This election, Paul received two million voters at Republican nominating contests, which is five times the number he received in 1988. This is a significant number considering that only 10 percent of registered voters are libertarians.
Additionally, half of his votes were from people under the age of 45.
“The young people have to start connecting with the older people,” he said.
As Paul leaves the stage standing true to his beliefs and refusing to endorse Romney, his supporters are optimistic about carrying on the movement he started many years ago.
“We used to say most people found libertarianism by reading Ayn Rand,” David Boaz of the Cato Institute told the Times. “In the last five years, most people have found libertarianism by listening to Ron Paul.”

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Tis’ the  season to throw hate. My jovial nod to the dueling candidates that want to rule the world. Obama is hitting Romney square on the chin. He’s going after Willard’s job builder/creator status. It’s putting Mitt on his heels, especially when he has to look at it at face value: the value of Bain Capital that is. Was Bain a creation to suck companies dry while profiting from them while at the same time destroying the livelihood of people? Was Bain created to create jobs? These are fair questions. Willard is questioning Obama’s economy and religion and invoking Bill (horrible, free pass) Clinton saying he has more in common with him instead. I guess so if you’re speaking morally and intensively.

Mitt is also crying foul saying the Prez is mud-slinging, really Mittens! Ask the people, who are tepidly supporting you, that you maligned during the campaign how they felt during that time. They complained mightily about your tactics. Only when you threw low blows did you receive traction, dear boy. The GOP is getting ready to single- handedly ruin Mitt’s campaign by bringing up Jeremiah Wright. The question then becomes, is it fair game to bring up Mormonism? The answer is yes it is. That is fight Mitt doesn’t want, I assure you. The narrative then becomes voting for a cultist who the church hates that is damning people to hell or a man who wants civil rights for a certain group.

Jeremiah Wright, the jilted lover man is upset. So much so he is spreading fodder against Obama. Jeremiah is hitting circuits that will have him saying the former senator’s camp wanted to pay him to keep a low profile. Is this news? The only reason Obama went there was to raise his profile. It was unfortunate the “Right” made him disavow his loyalty to Wright for political expediency. Jeremiah is wrong on two counts: One, for being an ass and secondly for supporting candidates within his church as well as endorsing them. He needs to take his lumps like a man. If you’re trying spitefully to get back  at Obama, then your religion is in vain. If you keep talking it will raise the profile of the Mormon Church. Your job is to preach the good news, do what you were commissioned and paid to do. No one wants to follow a man who preaches forgiveness but doesn’t forgive. Go back to your political, hip-hop church and preach Christ.

Three people I look up to that are still living: Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader and Ron Paul. Paul’s speech(at CPAC) …The Brushfires of Freedom are Burning is required listening. While I don’t agree with everything I do agree with most of the speech. Paul forever puts himself on the ledge and says the hard things. Whenever you speak about the atrocities of Israel, you are really looked at as loony. Well, Mr. Paul has spoken more truth that’s been downplayed.

Have a good weekend.

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Men, Women, Children AND Santorum

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With so much talk about contraception, abortion and women’s reproductivity issues I’m struck by how many kids some of the Republican presidential candidates past and present have. Let’s count them shall we, Rick “teens are over sexed” Santorum has seven kids…
S E V E N, actually it was eight but one died hours after being born. Mitt “I’ll answer the questions I want to” Romney has five children(all boys). Jon Huntsman has seven like Santorum and Ron Paul has five like Romney. That’s A LOT of kids.  The other candidates clock in around two or three and you know three really is enough in my opinion.

Of course it’s your right to have 20 kids as long as you can provide for them and more importantly love them but should you really have that many just because you can? Rick is really the one I want to focus on since he’s running off at the mouth about women.

He’s been saying a lot about us lately:

  • He says the rise of women’s rights have undermined the traditional family. He calls them radical feminists for advocating that women get an education and blaming them for mothers going out there and working to support their families and at times having to leave their children in the care of someone else. He fails to mention that the stagnant wages over the past 20 years has pushed many moms out the door to work.
  • He’s opposed to contraception based on his religious beliefs(which is his right)but also he thinks it’s dangerous and a license to do things in the sexual realm. Why do all conservatives think that birth control = promiscuity. I’m not advocating sex outside of marriage but we all know that sex outside of marriage happens all the time. I’d rather have my kid be prepared and protected from an unwanted pregnancy then live in a dream world. But the contraception thing with Rick seems to be also about controlling a woman’s choice to have a certain amount of kids and then stop. I wonder if his wife(who is a nurse and a lawyer) really felt like birthing all those children and giving up her career to raise them while Rick did all the things he wanted to do.
  • It’s no surprise he’s against abortion under any circumstances even if his daughter were raped and begged for an abortion, he’d say hell no(my words). He had this to say about it to CNN’s Piers Morgan,

As horrible as the way that that son or daughter and son was created, it still is her child….I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you….we have to make the best out of a bad situation.

He may as well have said, dear victims of rape or incest…SUCK IT UP!

He’s a religious whack job and folks were worried about Rev. Wright preaching in his pulpit on Sundays. Santorum’s out there saying this stuff in the public square and wanting to impose it on women. His goal from his first day in office would be to take away a woman’s right to choose based on his extreme conservatism. I find it hard to believe that any woman could support Rick’s extreme views even if she’s a stay-at-home mom who is a devout Catholic. She should be concerned about his antiquated and disrespectful views about women. Voters, especially women, better realize that he’s just too conservative for these modern times. This is 2012 not 1955 and women have a right to have goals and that include both kids and a career.
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Out of the Mouth of Santorum


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Notice when a candidate becomes the front-runner, they become for a lack of a better word, cocky. They seem to ramp up the rhetoric and immediately play the blame game. Rick Santorum is that very person, saying the media is making him a target. Really Rick, isn’t it simply that you are the front-runner? Ron Paul suffered, Herman Caine suffered, even Newt Gingrich suffered when they were the front-runners. Their personal lives were looked into and dark secrets were exposed.

You, the real conservative, you, the real Bible believer, you should understand (1Cor 4:5) what you do in dark will be revealed in light. You’re crying now, wait till they start digging deeply into your past and find something hidden, wait till the second and third place finishers start with their super pacs. What bothers me most is that you compared the President’s theology, not ideology, to that of an amoeba to say he was an Evolutionist. Santorum( frothy mixture man) is dishonest. He’s trying to play up the Religious Right. Where is the mention of the Newsweek article by Ayan Hirsi Ali about Christians being mistreated and murdered and jailed at an alarming rate, where’s the outcry for your fellow brethren? I don’t want to go there but I have to, Catholicism in most Christian circles is considered a cult. The presidential field comes down to who favors or looks more like you and right now you barley edge out a Mormon whom you how know the Christian Right feels about.

This is how nominal Christians or Bible believers view Catholicism. I won’t mention molestation or rape of your children at the hands of priests, Yet you mention the Bible, what Bible, the Sacred Tradition or the Sacred Scripture, what about  (2Tim 3:16)? Guess you forgot about that one. What about the other beliefs you hold on to such as:

  •  Praying to Saints
  •  The Confessional
  • Penance

Be careful Rick, Conservatives will turn on you for the better candidate. There is already rumor of a third-party candidate to vie for the position. Don’t think ministers aren’t talking about the erroneous doctrines and don’t think they aren’t speaking about women  who should be held in high esteem. Remember, “He that finds a wife finds a good thing.”

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I’m currently having political inertia, I’m tired of all the candidates. I’m tired of all the cowardliness of them relying on PACs to run ads that they’re too scared to run themselves. Frothy mixture man(Santorum) played his race card. Ron Paul played his card as well. Paul needs to get out and let someone younger spread the message of liberty, cause I don’t get his message. He speaks of the Fed and getting rid of it; AND! What happens to people who need jobs, what’s he doing about the economy? His message is garbled and ineffective.

Have you heard about the black kid who has a grasp on physics and chemistry; by the way he’s two.

NASA is something I’ve been keeping my eyes on. When it was to be defunct, right-wing pundits killed President Obama on their radio programs. Well Mae Jemison has been selected to lead a project to determine how human beings might be able to survive outside the solar system.

Why are black Repubs so silent on the voter registration laws, hum?

Who cares about South Carolina, we are embarrassed to share the name. How in the hell can that state act uppity? It comes in last in almost every statistical category that counts. Putting Juan Williams in his place, please. Newt hammed it up, he gushed with pride; have at it Newt. South Carolina acting uppity, we haven’t forgotten the rebel flag controversy. I guess you’ll are simply being yourselves.

Newt showed his true colors when he acted offended with the opening question by John King at last night’s debate on CNN. It was a fair question, but the overreaction, the righteous indignation; NEWT you are a crumb! You run on a family values platform, that’s laughable. You were married and carried on a 6-year relationship with your mistress. Look, the court of public opinion isn’t always fair. God forgives but people don’t always forget. You stand tall in public and say that God changed you yet you haven’t apologized to your wives for cheating on them and leaving them at their most vulnerable; that is worthy of DESPICABLE status!

I guess it really stung when your ex said you would end the call with “I love you” while your mistress sat next to you and how you broke the news to her on the phone. Wait, what kind of woman is Callista? This is bad for Newt the more you think about it after all he wants to earn people’s trust. This would have hurt Bill Clinton if he would have been running( luckily he was a so so President). Newt you can’t run fast enough from this!

Rick Perry, thanks for solidifying your dick head status, that sums it up. The Jersey Gov. saw you and ran the other way. Thanks for being a role model.

MITT, release the information. We know you’re loaded. Stop saying you are a self-made man. You started a brilliant company, but it helped to have a silver spoon in your mouth too. Two things: show your birth certificate and release the tax information. The Repubs wanted everything from the President. So much secrecy surrounds the whole Mormon mystique.

Okay Christians stand up and be counted, you think Mormonism is a cult and they are all going to hell! You didn’t like the black guy, you even went after his pastor for teaching liberal theology(code for racist theology). Christianity is doing more for the cause of atheism than any other religious group. You are proving that Sunday is the most segregated day of the week.

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I Support The Troops…

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So bring them home and please stop sending them to senseless and useless wars. I’ve been thinking  a lot about loss of life and limb in these countless wars.

It all started with watching clips from the Saturday night debate in New Hampshire and culminated with a story about a soldier here in my home state of North Carolina.

Let me start at the beginning with the flare-up between Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul on military service. Paul has been attacking Gingrich for not serving in the military while supporting potential military action in places like Iran and rightly so. Gingrich is not unlike war mongers such as Dick Cheney who support wars but did all they could to get out of serving when it was their time. Turns out Newt’s little feelings got hurt or perhaps he felt guilty and he pushed back on this statement made by Dr. Paul who said,  “I don’t like it when we send our kids off to fight these wars and when those individuals didn’t go themselves, and then come up and when they’re asked they say, ‘Oh I don’t think one person could have made a difference.’ I have a pet peeve that annoys me to a great deal because when I see these young men coming back my heart weeps for them.”

In rides slimy Newty to defend his non-serving behind and to whine like George W. Bush who foolishly went into Iraq because Saddam tried to kill his daddy years earlier.

“Dr Paul has a long history of saying things that are inaccurate and false. The fact is I never asked for a deferment, I was married with a child, it was never a question. My father was in fact serving in Vietnam in the Me-Kong delta at the time he’s referring to. I think I have a pretty good idea of what it’s like as a family to worry about your family getting killed. And I personally resent the kind of comments an aspersions he routinely makes without accurate information.”

Really Newt, don’t you know when to shut your damn mouth. He would not win this one and Paul shut him down in two seconds… “When I was drafted, I was married and had two kids. And I went.”

Paul went! That speaks volumes about Newt who is in fact a coward.

Let me wrap up with my second story about the injured young soldier from North Carolina. Pat McIlvain was shot in the head while serving in Afghanistan.  The good news is he survived but he can’t walk, he can’t speak and requires full time care due to his brain injury. Once a good hockey player he’s reconnecting with the ice as a form of therapy. Here is the kicker he voluntarily went to Afghanistan a semester before he was scheduled to graduate from college. He went! And that speaks volumes about the commitment that some men, women and their families have given to this American war effort. While the story was inspiring it was sad to watch and I have to agree with Paul that my heart weeps for them as well.

I’ll say it again, I support the troops, now please bring them all home!

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WTF! Happy New Year

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What did we learn in the past year? What will we learn in the new year? We can claim what we want and become agents of change. I believe in this new year people are going to become unafraid and unhinged from bondage. Last year  was a year of rebellion, we were shown glimpses of what we could do. It’s time we start following different paths and embrace change. No matter if we embrace it or agree, it will happen and furthermore come to pass. We have a medium(blogging) that has shaped our news, some of it has been crude and amateurish, but we have blazed new territory at one time unbeknownst to us. Let’s continue to speak loudly and with resounding truth.

Thanks for the love you’ve shown us by reading our blog. In 2012 let’s love more, do more and make this a communal year where we volunteer and get more involved.

I keep hearing news that the Hillary Clinton wants the VP nod, if true imagine that ticket. It could be a surprising year even though I don’t care for the Clinton’s.

This will definitely be a year of reflection and the question that still remains; was it worth it, the Iraq war that is? I have more to say about this, I stumbled upon a rather lengthy piece I wrote before the blogging craze which will be posted later this week. It’s interesting reading how you thought a certain way compared to where you currently are.

Ron Paul says he wants to unite the Occupy movement and the Tea Party, that could prove to be interesting, I’m ear- hustling.

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