I’m currently having political inertia, I’m tired of all the candidates. I’m tired of all the cowardliness of them relying on PACs to run ads that they’re too scared to run themselves. Frothy mixture man(Santorum) played his race card. Ron Paul played his card as well. Paul needs to get out and let someone younger spread the message of liberty, cause I don’t get his message. He speaks of the Fed and getting rid of it; AND! What happens to people who need jobs, what’s he doing about the economy? His message is garbled and ineffective.

Have you heard about the black kid who has a grasp on physics and chemistry; by the way he’s two.

NASA is something I’ve been keeping my eyes on. When it was to be defunct, right-wing pundits killed President Obama on their radio programs. Well Mae Jemison has been selected to lead a project to determine how human beings might be able to survive outside the solar system.

Why are black Repubs so silent on the voter registration laws, hum?

Who cares about South Carolina, we are embarrassed to share the name. How in the hell can that state act uppity? It comes in last in almost every statistical category that counts. Putting Juan Williams in his place, please. Newt hammed it up, he gushed with pride; have at it Newt. South Carolina acting uppity, we haven’t forgotten the rebel flag controversy. I guess you’ll are simply being yourselves.

Newt showed his true colors when he acted offended with the opening question by John King at last night’s debate on CNN. It was a fair question, but the overreaction, the righteous indignation; NEWT you are a crumb! You run on a family values platform, that’s laughable. You were married and carried on a 6-year relationship with your mistress. Look, the court of public opinion isn’t always fair. God forgives but people don’t always forget. You stand tall in public and say that God changed you yet you haven’t apologized to your wives for cheating on them and leaving them at their most vulnerable; that is worthy of DESPICABLE status!

I guess it really stung when your ex said you would end the call with “I love you” while your mistress sat next to you and how you broke the news to her on the phone. Wait, what kind of woman is Callista? This is bad for Newt the more you think about it after all he wants to earn people’s trust. This would have hurt Bill Clinton if he would have been running( luckily he was a so so President). Newt you can’t run fast enough from this!

Rick Perry, thanks for solidifying your dick head status, that sums it up. The Jersey Gov. saw you and ran the other way. Thanks for being a role model.

MITT, release the information. We know you’re loaded. Stop saying you are a self-made man. You started a brilliant company, but it helped to have a silver spoon in your mouth too. Two things: show your birth certificate and release the tax information. The Repubs wanted everything from the President. So much secrecy surrounds the whole Mormon mystique.

Okay Christians stand up and be counted, you think Mormonism is a cult and they are all going to hell! You didn’t like the black guy, you even went after his pastor for teaching liberal theology(code for racist theology). Christianity is doing more for the cause of atheism than any other religious group. You are proving that Sunday is the most segregated day of the week.

The NON-Conformist