Tis’ the  season to throw hate. My jovial nod to the dueling candidates that want to rule the world. Obama is hitting Romney square on the chin. He’s going after Willard’s job builder/creator status. It’s putting Mitt on his heels, especially when he has to look at it at face value: the value of Bain Capital that is. Was Bain a creation to suck companies dry while profiting from them while at the same time destroying the livelihood of people? Was Bain created to create jobs? These are fair questions. Willard is questioning Obama’s economy and religion and invoking Bill (horrible, free pass) Clinton saying he has more in common with him instead. I guess so if you’re speaking morally and intensively.

Mitt is also crying foul saying the Prez is mud-slinging, really Mittens! Ask the people, who are tepidly supporting you, that you maligned during the campaign how they felt during that time. They complained mightily about your tactics. Only when you threw low blows did you receive traction, dear boy. The GOP is getting ready to single- handedly ruin Mitt’s campaign by bringing up Jeremiah Wright. The question then becomes, is it fair game to bring up Mormonism? The answer is yes it is. That is fight Mitt doesn’t want, I assure you. The narrative then becomes voting for a cultist who the church hates that is damning people to hell or a man who wants civil rights for a certain group.

Jeremiah Wright, the jilted lover man is upset. So much so he is spreading fodder against Obama. Jeremiah is hitting circuits that will have him saying the former senator’s camp wanted to pay him to keep a low profile. Is this news? The only reason Obama went there was to raise his profile. It was unfortunate the “Right” made him disavow his loyalty to Wright for political expediency. Jeremiah is wrong on two counts: One, for being an ass and secondly for supporting candidates within his church as well as endorsing them. He needs to take his lumps like a man. If you’re trying spitefully to get back  at Obama, then your religion is in vain. If you keep talking it will raise the profile of the Mormon Church. Your job is to preach the good news, do what you were commissioned and paid to do. No one wants to follow a man who preaches forgiveness but doesn’t forgive. Go back to your political, hip-hop church and preach Christ.

Three people I look up to that are still living: Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader and Ron Paul. Paul’s speech(at CPAC) …The Brushfires of Freedom are Burning is required listening. While I don’t agree with everything I do agree with most of the speech. Paul forever puts himself on the ledge and says the hard things. Whenever you speak about the atrocities of Israel, you are really looked at as loony. Well, Mr. Paul has spoken more truth that’s been downplayed.

Have a good weekend.

The NON-Conformist