Question: What’s the difference between black people voting for a man of color(sounds like colored) or Evangelicals voting for a person, cause he or she says they’re Christian?

Romney needs to count his lucky stars. Think about it, he’s going to the southern states next. Secondly, he’s fortunate that Newt and Santorum will be duking it out for that Evangelical vote, meaning they’re splitting the vote which works in Romney’s favor.

Worst person in America: Sarah (ditto head) Palin–First I would like to post a quote by this coward. When asked about the Rush Limbaugh incident she said,  “I think the definition of hypocrisy is for Rush Limbaugh to have been called out, forced to apologize, and retract what it is he said in exercising his First Amendment rights, and never is that same applied to the leftist radicals who say such horrible things about the handicapped, about women, about the defenseless. So I think that’s the definition of hypocrisy. And that’s my two cents worth.”

Palin also wants President Obama to give back the money that Bill Maher gave to his Super Pac. That’s a bit over the top. Think of it this way, most people(high-profile) have said or done things out there but calling this hypocrite the worst person fits. She railed against Rahm Emanuel for using the word retarded(not directed at her). But when Rush used the word repeatedly she sat silent, even when questioned. Oh I guess he was simply using his First Amendment rights. Sarah, you are such an unscrupulous person, you get in bed with political expediency when there are controversies. By you not answering you showed you have no power and secondly, no self- worth.  Thanks for marginalizing woman of your party, thanks for quitting on you home state, thanks for standing up for women’s rights. Some Mamma Grizzly you are, more like a scared, clueless cub. Go see the Wizard and get some courage, I’m simply using my First Amendment right in saying this.

This may be the last comment I make about Santorum. As I’m sometimes known by my other moniker Nostradamus, I predicted people were going to pry more in to his life and past statements. And look at what they found him saying, “Single mothers are destroying the fabric of the country.”  All I have to say is he’s consistent with his idiocy. I don’t get it, there’s never a conversation about how they became single mothers, it’s always a general statement. Because of his constancy he’s lost a lot of the female vote. I wonder how he really feels when he’s alone with his inner thoughts knowing he lost Michigan and Ohio because of women; you know the ones who you put your personal conviction upon. You know female issues from a macho male perspective, wise up dude. Learn how to frame your argument better, you come off like an unlikable snob.

Sean Hannity had an exclusive, Wednesday night, if you could have called it that. The deceased Andrew Breitbart said he had scathing video on the then Harvard Law student(Obama). WE all( in my household) watched around the dinner table looking at the  9″ color TV. All I can say is, I wasted time and life watching this. It is reminiscent of The Mystery of Al Capone Vaults, I bet Geraldo was somewhere laughing his mustache off. This was much to do about nothing, a young Obama shook hands and hugged his old professor(Derrick Bell) after giving a speech. The speech was about how he wanted more fairness on the Harvard faculty. He believed he couldn’t teach kids to stand up for their beliefs without taking a stance himself. The video was once on CBS and PBS. What was I doing to myself by watching this crap!

This was Breibart’s last attempt at relevance, even from the other side. His mission was to destroy the Left; to put out news that was destructive. This piece though backfired badly for one reason, Derrick Bell’s critical race theory is nothing new. W.E. B. DuBois talked about it almost 30 years before, even M.L. King talked about it. Again, nothing new. This was Breitbart trying to race bait by bringing up an issue that would paint the President in a bad light. It didn’t help when Harvard Professor Ogletree joked that they were hiding the video.

America did not care about blacks, the only reason for Civil Rights happening was because of the Cold War. How could America take care of the world when it couldn’t take care of, then called, Negroes?

The NON-Conformist