Tuesday Rick Santorum withdrew from the race to win the Republican nomination for president vowing that he was not done fighting but suspending his campaign nevertheless. For all intents and purposes the nomination belongs to Mitt Romney, so why won’t that loser Newt Gingrich step aside? When he first threw his hat in the ring it was predicted then by some pundits that his head and by default his ego would consume him and it’s true. Let’s look at the cold, hard facts he’s not even close in the delegate math, he hasn’t won anything since South Carolina, he’s out of money (he bounced a check to get on the Utah ballot), his time is over.

You see this is the problem with Newton Leroy Gingrich; he’s selfish, just ask his two ex-wives. Instead of him taking a tip from Santorum who had way more delegates but still stepped aside, he appealed to Santorum’s supporters to now back his campaign….SELFISH! He said he expects to get more delegates now that the race is down to the two of them, dude it’s time for you to quit, you look ridiculous. As they say in the military, it’s time for YOU to stand down.

And speaking of ridiculous, Allen West is off his meds again. His latest claim at a campaign event on Tuesday is that he heard there are up to 80 house Democratic members that are Communists adding after a long pause it was Congressional Progressive Caucus he was speaking of. You can dress him up but you can’t take him out! What is it about black conservatives, always so over the top. At the same meeting he bemoaned that Obama wasn’t standing there to debate him telling an audience member Obama wasn’t because he’s scared (to debate him). This isn’t the first time he’s gone all half-cocked and spoke from the hip but later had to walk back what he said. It doesn’t matter, you still called your fellow members of Congress Communists. It’s time for you to stand down too.  They won’t admit  it but your own party is embarrassed by you. They have redistricted your behind right out of the party, it’s just a matter of time.

And speaking of time, I can’t believe Glenn Beck took the time to build an exact replica of the Oval Office so he can, you know, say all the things that President Obama won’t say. He’s crazy for real…yet another douche bag loser obsessed with  the President. It will be interesting to see should Romney get elected if he’ll rail against him from his “oval office”.

Posted by Libergirl