Remember the PC(politically correct)90s? It has ever more inched its way back into to 2012. Ozzie Guillen, the outspoken manager of the new look Miami Marlins has gotten himself in some hot water over some comments he made in reference to Fidel Castro. What did Ozzie say that was so offensive?  “I love Fidel Castro.”  “I respect Fidel Castro,” he said. “You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that [guy] is still here.” Comments he made in 2006 were very similar, but not any outcry.  “He’s a bull—- dictator and everybody’s against him, and he still survives, has power. Still has a country behind him,’’ Ozzie replied. “Everywhere he goes, they roll out the red carpet. I don’t admire his philosophy; I admire him.’’ Were his comments really that insensitive to Cuban illegals? I said illegals because of the treatment of Haitians and Mexicans. Castro symbolically is a hero, he overthrew the American controlled puppet Batisita to regain power with the help of his brain Che’ Guevara. Castro’s failure was not giving the people open elections, from that came his demise. He became a dictator and tyrant.

I remember doing my podcast, Above the Fray, live with my co-host who happened to white. He is one of the smartest political cats who is all about the Constitution. Boy we had some lively talks. During this one podcast I had on a fatigue hat with the red star and matching shirt and he asked me why I was wearing that. I said I was showing solidarity to Castro and Che’ especially Che’ for standing with Africans to overthrow dictators. Mike looked at me and said, “Do you have to wear that?” I laughed and we went on to have a great show. My point is Castro’s image brings about mixed feelings. I like the fact he didn’t want to be a patsy to the United States. We can’t forget about the fiasco called the Bay of Pigs.

It’s time for Newton to quit and throw his support to Santorum. His message is falling on death ears. I could understand his running if we were still having debates. HOLD THE NEWS: Satorum is OUT. Newton please stop, you’re looking more the loser. Your pride is getting in the way; people remember your antics as speaker, secondly, people want to root for a winner.

Fox news in shameless for invoking Rev. Wright after they made Obama sever all ties with the man. He (Wright) as a minister was doing his job Easter(pagan holiday) Sunday. So what does Fox do? They showed parts of his speech and let me add, the inflammatory parts. Then they showed a Dick Morris(nice name by the way) clip with him saying he did not believe it was a total coincidence that Rev. Wright has resurfaced at this particular moment in the 2012 campaign.“I think that what may be happening here is that there may be a deliberate, orchestrated effort by the Obama White House to promote racial division,” said Morris. He claimed such tensions would drive up African-American turnout at the polls in November. I like the connecting of dots to minuses. It’s political season folks.

Ronald Wilson Reagan(666) was a Communist. He made the “Enemies From Within” List.

Worst Person

Marine Sgt. Gary Stein(who criticized President Obama on his Facebook page) is a despicable person. When I was a GI(Government Issue) I was bought and paid for meaning I was green and I didn’t have any rights. In the military you are guilty until proven innocent. Now Stein is trying to say only three people may have read his post. This is the same guy who called Sean Hannity’s show as well as Mark Levin’s show. This guy is such a schmuck. You got caught being stupid. You blasted the Commander-in-Chief with superimposed pictures of the first family. If you want to play politics wait ’till you are first out of the military. This is the same guy selling “Nobama” bumper stickers. I didn’t like Bush I or Dan Quayle but I would never trend about them on social media, even though it didn’t exist. You are a Marine, not a civilian, accept your punishment as a Marine.

The NON-Conformist