Newt is such a prideful man, when I think of him, a Scripture comes to mind: Pride goeth before a fall. Newt has said he is cancelling his campaign on Tuesday. Why is he announcing that he’ll suspend his campaign? Think about it… suspend the damn thing already! He preaches this small government crap, yet he’s wasting $40,000 a day of tax-payer monies on Secret Service protection while he pedals his books. He rails against gov. waste and spending, yet he’s doing the thing he preaches against, what a  fucking hypocrite. At least Ron Paul is a man of conviction, he refused gov. protection.

In the great state of North Carolina we are going through a vote to make gay marriage NOT legal. You ask, what’s wrong with that, IT’S ALREADY ILLEGAL. This bill is nothing but politicians using it as a wedge issue to obtain votes by using/take advantage of the religious community. This is not new, remember when Bush II ran; he did the same thing to create a stir to receive the religious vote, it worked out for him. The Bible can not be used in the NC argument, it’s not pertaining to a church but the Constitution of NC. Secondly, people argue the Bill of Rights, but is doesn’t support a religious test, it’s supposed to be neutral. This bill needs to fail and the minister’s(who support it) tax exempt status taken and the politicians(who support it) recalled. It’s time preachers start understanding what their Bible teaches and politicians what the Constitution teaches. We don’t have to agree on everything but civility and love should be the attribute of the world. Sometime we have to stand for things we may not totally agree with so the tide will change when the shoe is on the other foot. I’m voting NO, not because I agree with homosexuality but, because what is being done is uncivil and wrong. The law hurts everything from insurance to domestic protection, taxes and civil unions. This is not a moral issue, it’s a constitutional one.

Obama is starting to kill the Internet evermore. Have you heard of Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act(CISPA)? Those of us who live online truly knows what this means, it’s getting bad out there when it comes to our freedoms. I’m laughing a bit on the inside so I’ll leave you with this quote, “The American democracy has always been at the mercy of the dollar,” that sums it up nicely. Who knows, he may veto the Patriot Act of the web.

The NON-Conformist