The nation must be stuck on stupid, are we really dealing with another woman’s rights issue? This time, Congress is dealing with abortion. The law they tried to pass would have banned abortions based on the sex of a child; it was voted down. While I disagree with abortion, again, this dumb ass measure they tried to pass loses me. To compare what takes place in U.S. abortion clinics isn’t the same as what happens in India or China. Conservatives, again, are on the wrong side of an issue. What happened to privacy, you aren’t obligated to say why you are getting an abortion. This puts doctors in odd a position, they could be questioned on something that makes them vulnerable. Fortunately it didn’t pass, what a waste. It’s just another bill created to obtain the Christian vote. Hell, there isn’t even proof that abortion clinics are practicing selective abortions.

Repubs want to talk big about the Bill of Rights all the while stepping on it. Now it’s about soda. Mayor Bloomberg has already turned New York into a nanny state. He has banned smoking in the work place, bars, and restaurants and trans fat is also banned in restaurants. His latest ban has to deal with the sale of sodas, he wants to stop the sale of 16 ounce drinks from vendors that benefit the most from the sale of large drinks. He joked that people should buy two drinks. I’m waiting to see all the outrage from the Right, since they represent the conscious of Americans who can’t choose for themselves. Maybe John Edwards was correct when he said, “We live in two Americas.”

The Defense of Marriage Act(DOMA) is being challenged (as well as it should) and the Supreme Court may hear this case. As much as the Religious Right argues, they seem to forget about the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. Churches have every right to fight the issue but they have to realize it is a constitutional one.

Think you have privacy, be careful what you say on your phone

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