I have to say this first, I love strong women especially the ones who stand in front of the opposition and don’t falter. I can’t say this for the person who I can’t mention(until she runs for president) who supposedly had strong remarks for the former Vice President of the United States. Dickless Chaney didn’t have to yell, he spoke calmly pertaining to this faux TV star. Folks, stop defending this peon, she’s been nothing but an embarrassment to the political process. I won’t decimate her, she does it for herself. I awaited her response to Darth Vader but it never happened instead here’s what she said, “Well, seeing as how Dick — excuse me, Vice President Cheney — never misfires, than evidently he’s quite convinced that what he had evidently read about me by the lamestream media, having been written, what I believe is a false narrative over the last four years, evidently Dick Cheney believed that stuff and that’s a shame. So he characterized me as being a mistake.”

This response shows two things, one, she’s a coward,  and secondly, she excel at spin. No, Sarah, he nailed you; “out of the mouth of babes.” Media bias? You are saturated in exposure, from every angle. By your mouth, you have proven your worth as a politician and secondly as a person who has Judaic/Christian beliefs, whatever that means. That term is such an abomination and perversion; have a happy Shabbot(Sabbath).

I don’t see what Dan Cathy said that was so troublesome. These are the words that started a firestorm,” CEO Dan Cathy quipped, “Well, guilty as charged.” In a recent article appearing in the Baptist Press (July 22), he continued that, “We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.” Okay, what was so wrong with this assessment, this has always been their modus operandi. They are a private company, they will receive some backlash, but for me it’s simply a DAMN sandwich. Maybe the backlash was due the Christian goober Mike Huckabee. Maybe it could be the organizations the company supports, the ones who believe in conversion therapy which is sometimes called reparative therapy. These are all good suggestions but overall the controversy is to garner support to make this a wedge issue to gather votes from a certain demographic. Ask Dick Cheney, he knows personally about the gay issue. Christians, wake up and stop being used.

Romney missed his calling as a stand-up comedian.  As only he could, he offended a nation of people, especially the Palestinians. He basically called them backwards and inferior to Israel. For him, they don’t vote  BUT since money can come from anywhere he was simply making a money trip. Religion often blinds to the truths and this is nothing different. As a Messianic Proselyte, I support Israel in that they have fallen from truth and have erred. It’s up to the followers of God’s laws and commandments who understand this; simply read Romans 11:25-29. On the political side of things I simply want to post quotes by Ron Paul, he has a better understanding than the talkers of religion.

  • “To me, foreign aid is taking money from poor people in this country and giving it to rich people in poor countries, and it becomes weapons of war –” said Paul at the Western Republican Presidential Debate.
  • “I would cut all foreign aid,” the candidate responded. “I would treat everybody equally and fairly.”
  • “Stop and consider America’s policy,” the congressman said, “We give $3 billion a year to Israel in loans; and we give $12 billion or more in assistance to Israel’s self-declared enemies. Some of these are countries that say they will drive Israel into the sea.”
  • “What should our relationship be with Israel?” asked Newsmax contributor Doug Wead. “We should be their friend and their trading partner,” said Paul. “They are a democracy and we share many values with them. But we should not be their master. We should not dictate where their borders will be nor should we have veto power over their foreign policy…. I say [to Christian evangelicals who want foreign aid to Israel to continue] that our aid in the region is out of balance and it is wrong. Foreign aid does not help Israel. It is a net disadvantage. I say to them that “the borrower is servant to the lender” and America should never be the master of Israel…we should stop interfering with them. We should not dictate what she can and cannot do. We should stop trying to buy her allegiance. And Israel should stop sacrificing their sovereignty as an independent state to us or anybody else, no matter how well-intentioned.”

Lastly, people talk of foreign policy, but we truly don’t understand it. I get bits and pieces of it but it still confusing.

Written by The NON-Conformist