This is a Disclaimer: A message left on a KFNX-AM voice mail said that Barbara Espinosa has not worked at the station “in a month.” Many people had called the station at the urging of Sirius XM Satellite Radio talk show host Joe Madison.The station issued this statement:

“KFNX received your comment through a voicemail or email. Barbara Espinosa does not host a show anymore on KFNX 1100, so the information is dated. She has not aired a show at KFNX for nearly a month. She currently hosts an internet show on Blogtalk Radio to the best of our knowledge.

This doesn’t change the fact that the comments were made. This week the idiot award goes to Barbara Espinosa(pictured below). On her now defunct show she tried to be controversial by calling  the President of the United States(POTUS) a monkey. She says she stands behind her comment.  Well, not completely, she had it scratched from her Facebook Page. She then hid behind the moniker of,  “I can’t be a racist, look at my last name.” This has the makings of Marco Rubio all over it. He was supposed to pen the newer version of the Dream Act. He’s suppose to represent the Hispanic vote, but is he really Hispanic?  No, he’s of Cuban descent. Who seems to identify more with the other? Barbara Espinosa seems to follow suit. Who are you standing with by calling the POTUS a monkey, you hurt your brand in a bad way. I’m sure Rush would love to call him that but cares about his brand too much; in other words, ‘dem dollars. She’s in a long list of wanna be shock talkers who are neither shocking or relevant. Why isn’t she out there repping her ethnicity, fighting for them. This idiot will be fired within the week and will fall further in the nether region of the unknown. In light of the news, I was correct on the unknown part.


I came across a new book that made me laugh and want to puke at the same time. I didn’t know that was possible. The book is entitled: The Teavangelicals: The Inside Story of how the Evangelicals and the Tea Party are Taking Back America by David Brody. Now if that isn’t oxymoronic tell me what is?  Don’t misunderstand me, they have a good platform and they targeted certain factions of the conservative party and made them beholden to their beliefs. They used the ballot to hold them hostage. But to not get off topic, the Tea Party a powerful religious group… please. They want to get back to Judeo/Christian values. That is as oxymoronic as the title of the book. Policies should never be co-opted by the Bible or legislated for one’s personal gain and secondly it would be unconstitutional. If only they believed in the values of Judaism. If they simply keep the 10 commandments especially the 4th  one, God would have no other choice but to honor his word and truly bless this nation. Since we act like the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah full of pride and arrogance, God smiles on us every so often.

Michelle Malkin, I so badly want to call her something else. She’s such a wretched small cretin. Juan Williams and her got into a little tiff. He referred to her as a blogger and NOT a real journalist. This really ruffled her feathers so much so she had to talk about it in a speech. Was Juan correct? Yes and no. I respect journalists, they go out and get the story while bloggers generally comment on what was gotten by the journalist. Journalists are supposed to be objective in their reporting and simply report the news. Bloggers get to be a little freer in the usage of colorful language.

I wanted to call her a twinkie since she tries so hard to differentiate herself from her ethnicity and to fit in to white corporate America. We have to be who we are and let the chips fall where they may. Everyone isn’t going like everyone and that’s cool.  I myself was a history major and now I spend about four to five hours a day reading and listening to the news, and not just main-stream but news from abroad. Google is amazing, you can read any paper from any country. Sure there are times I come at news from a blogger’s angle. When I do, it’s simply because I can be more candid as well as honest. I can say what journalists can’t say. Notice that most journalists have their own blog sites, mostly under pseudo names, so as to not conflict with who they write for. I have nothing but respect for journalists; I’m not going into a war to get a story. A special recognition goes out to Libergirl, a real journalist. She at least worked for a couple of major papers…jealous.


Are the use of drones ethical or a slippery-slope into the admonishment of others freedoms in the name of American diplomacy?

Have good a weekend………………………………..The NON-Conformist